About Mrs. Knight:

Kim Veazey Knight
41 years old
Happily married 18 years to Roland
Two boys: Killgore and Konner
Graduated from Childersburg High School in 1983 and Jacksonville State University in 1987 with a B.S. In Marketing and a Minor in Management
I love to decorate my home, have fun with my family, cook and entertain. I also love to take pictures and I love just having fun in life. I enjoy learning something new at school each day just as I hope my students do. I am a life long learner so I have a long way to go. We have a home at the lake that we love to stay at during the summer. A trip to the beach is a must to unwind each year! My boys love swimming, water skiing, baseball, and whatever sport is in season. My husband enjoys hunting ducks, deer, geese, and anything else. He loves it so much he purchased ownership in a home in Nebraska. I guess I'll be going to Nebraska during the Christmas Holidays pheasant hunting. He was also on a hunting show this fall that was filmed on one of his duck hunts. He thought he was a star! We set him straight. We've dug a pond by the house and stocked it will F-1 tiger bass and the fishing should be good by this summer.