Money Skills Home page

Thursday, May 14th B-day

Copy Data and Print a Worksheet

Read page 54 & 55. Complete exercise 14 on page 56. You will use the disk in the back of your book to pull up the information.
Email your work to me instead of printing. Bertha is still out of ink.

Copy Formulas and Format Date
It's starting to get tricky so read and understand the information on page on page 58. Once you understand, complete exercise 15 on page 59. In steap 20 I want you to email me the worksheet instead of printing it.

Format Fractions and Mixed Numbers
Read page 62 and make sure you understand. Complete exercise 16 on page 64. In steap 15, instead of printing your work, email it to me.

Read and complete Exercise 17 on page 66 as your wrap up of the chapter you have just compelted. Email Excercise 17 to me also.

EXAM - Your exam (7th period) is Tuesday, May 26th at 8:00 a.m. I am currently working on exemptions.
(4th period) Wednesday, May 27th 2nd block.

Tuesday, May 12th B-day

Wednesday, May 13th A-day


Read carefully page 44. You will use this information in the upcoming exercises.

Exercise 11 on page 45 following the instructions in blue. Save the exercise as Ex. 11 and email to me as an attachement.

Exercise 12. Read the instructions on page 46 and 47. Read the instructions 48 and complete exercise 12. You have a disk in the back of your book. You must replace it when you are finished with this project. If you are sharing the book with a co-worker, you can open the exercise and save it to your computer so you can both work in it. Save you work as Ex. 12 and email it to me as an attachment.

Exercise 13. Read the instructions on page 50 and 51 for formatting data and using ranges. Follow the instructions on page 52 in blue to complete the exercise. Save your work as Ex. 13 and email it to me as an attachement.

YOUR EXAMS - 7th PERIOD WILL BE Tuesday, May 26th
4th PERIOD WILL BE Wednesday, May27th

WHAT WILL BE ON YOUR EXAM? Moneyskills (You will be given a review handout to complete in class for a grade) These are the questions I will pull from for the exam. You will also have a production test on Spreadsheets with formulas.

Friday, May 8th, 2009 B-day

Monday, May 11th, 2009 A-day

BE KIND TO YOUR MOTHER THIS WEEKEND!!! You don't have to buy her anything....kind gestures are the best gift of all!

EXCEL - NEW BOOK. Everyone grab the orange Office XP books at your desk. Turn to page 367. Open one of the documents you worked on yesterday and navigate around in it using the shortcuts in Table 1-2. Go through each of them twice until you understand and feel confident about quickly moving around the document.

Next, read and follow the instructions for Exercise 1-3 on page 367 and 368.
Next go through expercise 1-4, 1-5, 1-6, and 1-7


Grab a purple Excel 97 work book off the round table. CD Drive. Read pages 32 & 33.
Now for the Lessons.

On page 34, complete Lesson 3 - The Veggie Farm as you follow the instructions. Save your work as REGISTER. Be sure to also read page 35.

Exercise 7 - Numberic Labels and Values. Read page 36. Follow the instruction on page 37 in the blue box as you complete the exercise. Save this file as PAYROLL.

Exercise 8 - Read and follow the instructions on page 38 & 39. Be sure to follow the instructions in the blue box. Save this file as INVOICE.

Email all 3 lessons to me by the end of class.


Thursday, May 7th, 2009 B-day

Monday, May 11th, 2009 A-day

Moving Spreadsheet Data and Changing Row Height in EXCEL

Read to understand F. and G. on page 454. I will give a quick overview of EXCEL.

Complete Activity 10 - Follow the instructions in red
Complete Activity 11 - Follow the instructions in red
Complete Activity 12 - Follow the instructions in red

Email all 3 to me as an attachement. The subject line should show Activities 10 - 12.

GO PLAY! Click on the link I have provided and then look on the menu to the left and click on Road Trip to Savings Road Trip to Savings
You have 4 weeks to save. When your finished with Road Trip to Savings, play Smart Money Quiz Show. Good Luck!

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009 B-day

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009 A-day

If your not happy with your progress reports then you must think you can receive a grade for wasting time. Many of you have been playing and it has now caught up to you! Don't waste precious time today complaining and get behind again. We only have about 6 day's of work left before we begin testing and there will be no time to make up your work without a doctores excuse. Today's work must be in my inbox dated May 5th.

Spreadsheets Continued....

Beginning on page 446, complete Activites 5, 6, and 7 by following the instructions. Save each as it indicates in the instructions and email to me as an attachment. Be sure to put the file names in the subject line.

Activity 8 & 9. You will complete both of these activities by following the instructions and email both to me in 1 email as an attachment. Be sure to put the names of the files in the subject line.

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

I am taking a test today to make me a better teacher. Don't talk to me about the grad exam....I have 6 questions and 3 hours to answer them. If I didn't care about the test, I'll type something in, click finished, and I'm out of there. But I care so the timer will have to kick me out!

Thank you to those of you who could and GAVE BLOOD yesterday! I tried, developed a blood clot and now my arm is swollen and I have to type for 3 hours! Send your smart brain waves my way!

IMPORTANT - Some of you think the Academy is your personal space to do whatever you want. Well, Mrs. Knight and BIG BROTHER are watching you! The reason the internet is slow is because we have people downloading stuff to their jump drives, MP3 players, and the like. The central office is now tracking all computers in the Academy. They are printing out the time, the site, the song, the website and anything else we need to prosecute you. You and your parents signed agreeing to use these computers for school use and not for any other means and you also agreed to accept the consequences for actions that do not promote learning and your assignments. YOU HAVE NOW BEEN SERVED A FAIR WARNING!!!


Complete your Moneyskills: THE TRUTH is below.......

Allison - Your on 16 and need to be at 34 by the end of the day
Amberly - Your on 30 and need to be on 34 by the end of the day
Ashli Hill- Your on 9 and need to be on 19
Brandi - Retake 19, 20, 21, and 22 to improve your score
Breanna - Retake 21 and 30
Brittanie Mc. - Great Job! Click on Games and play one of the games listed
Dani - Great Job! Click on Games and play one of the games listed
Daren - Your on 31 and need to be at 34 by the end of the day
Hunter - You need to be finished with 34 by the end of the day
Lacy - Your on 13 and need to work hard today!
Makayla - Your on 27 and need to be on 34 by the end of the day
Rodney - Your on 30 and need to be on 34 by the end of the day
Ryan - Your on 31 and need to be on 34 by the end of the day
Savannah - Your on 27 and need to be on 34 by the end of the day
Stephanie - Your on 30 and need to be on 34 by the end of the day
T'keliah - Your on 29 and need to be on 34 by the end of the day

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009 B-day

Read B. Confusing Words on page 442.
Begin formattting on page 443 by reading D. Entering Spreadsheet Data
Add to your Quizlet terms you saved last week the following terms. You will do this by clicking on Edit terms. There are 5 terms on page 443 and 444. Be sure to save the new terms when you edit and add them to your previous list. I will check them all on Thursday at the beginning of class.

Read page 444 and make sure you understand Excel.


Open your SS1 file you typed last week. Following the instructions, complete Activity 4 and save it as SS1-B. Email it to me as an attachment to
[[ | ]] It must be in my email today!

Follow the instructions in red and complete Activites 5 & 6. Be sure to email both to me and they must be dated today! In the subject line I should see your name and the activity number.

Moneyskills - Work on yourMoneyskills for the remainder of class. Most of you are behind!

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009 A-day

You can take 20 minutes of class to finish up Tuesday's assignment.
Moneyskills - You must complete all modules (34) by next week. Work on your moneyskills
Stephanie, Rodney, and Ashley - work the Blood Drive table during lunch. Be sure to show Mrs. McGhee this because I did not leave her a note.

Ask Mrs. McGhee is she will pull up the WHSWeb360 site so you can watch us at the Technology Showcase while you work. You CANNOT have several things pulled up on your computer and 1 time. It will mess us up at CHS. Ask Mrs. McGhee to put it on the projector and you just do your work at your computer.


page 446. Following the instructions complete Activites 5, 6, and 7. When you are finished you will have 3 spreadsheets names SS2,SS3-B, and SS4. Email your completed spreadsheets to me at the below listed email address. In the subject line be sure to list all 3 names.

page 451. Activity 8
Instead of opening a SS5 file, you will type it from scratch. Open a blank Excel File and type what you see in Activity 8 on page 451. Follow the instructions listed 1 -5 and save the document. Save it as SS5-B and email it to me as an attachement. Your subject line should say SS5-B.

page 452. Activity 9
Create a new spreadsheet file as you follow the instructions for Activity 9. Save the file as SS6 and email it to me as an attachement. Remember what it should say in the subject line!

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009 A-day

Add to your Quizlet terms you entered last week the 5 terms on page 443 and 444. Be sure to save the new terms when you edit and add them to your previous list. I will check them all on Thursday at the beginning of class.

Read page 444 and make sure you understand Excel.


Open your SS1 file you typed last week. Following the instructions, complete Activity 4 and save it as SS1-B. Email it to me as an attachment to It must be in my email today!

Monday, April 20th, 2009 A-day
Tuesday, April 21st, 2009 B-day


Vocabulary - On page 435 you will find vocabulary associated with Spreadsheets. You need to know these to be successful when preparing a spreadsheet.

Using Quizlet, define the terms and save them on your own Quizlet account. You can use, your book or any other online dictionary. Show me your terms for a grade.

Read the Career Bit on page 435.
Read Formatting, E. Spreadsheet Orientation on page 437 - 438
Take a handout from the table and review the shortcut features in EXCEL. Open a blank EXCEL document and practice the shortcut keys within the document. Feel free to play around with the cells and get comfortable with EXCEL. Be sure to put your handouts back when you are finished so the other class can use them.

Open a blank EXCEL document. Enter the information you see in the table on page 444. Save as SS1.

Next - Open SS1 and turn to page 440 in your book. Using SS1 Complete the activities below as you follow instructions.

Activity 1
Activity 2
Activity 3

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009 A-day

Thursday, April 16th, 2009 B-day

Design your FBLA certificate for the end of the year presentations! In your book on page 412, read the instructions for and complete Report 61. Your certificate needs to be for the Future Business Leaders of America. You can go and get clip are on the FBLA or go to . Below is how I suggest it read.

Certificate of Participation

This certifies that (Your Name)

has successfully contributed to the community and school service goals as outlined by the Winterboro Future Business Leaders of America chapter

This 15th day of may, 2009

Put a space for me and Mr. Bates to sign. Be sure to put our names under the line we will sign on (see example in book) and give us a space to date it when we sign it. The best certificate will be used on awards day!

Email your saved copy to me and the subject should read your name, FBLA certificate

Complete 2-Moneyskills


Wednesday, April 8th, 2009 A-day
Thursday, April 9th, 2009 B-day (Catch up and finish all of your work since our classes have been cut short)
A-day Only, B-day will complete this lesson on April 14th.

Finish Monday's work. I know you were called out for Grad Exam results and had to go to the gym at the end of the period.

Report 59 (pg. 409) Complete the flyer following the step-by-step instructions. Be sure to use your office assistant and "Ask a question" You will one day be alone in your office and have to figure things out to meet a deadline. Feel free to ask a co-worker for help!

Save the report and attach it to an email to me. The subject line should read: Your Name, report 59.

Report 60 (pg. 410) You will open Report 59 and make changes as you follow instructions. Save the report and attach it to me in an email. The subject line should read: Your Name, report 60.

Monday, April 6th, 2009 A-day
Tuesday, April 7th, 2009 B-day

Desktop Publishing Applications

Following the instructions in red and by using the ask a question feature in WORD, compelete the following 2 reports.

Report 56 (pg. 404 -You will open report 37 and make the changes)
Report 57 (pg. 405 - You will open report 51 and make the changes)

Email both report to me at as an attachment. Your subject line should read: Your name, Reports 56 & 57.

Report 58 - (pg. 407) Customer Survey

Following the instructions in red, complete the customer survey. You are being graded on your completed report and your ability to follow instructions. Each report is worth 100 points.

Email Report 58 to me as an attachment and your subject line should read: Your Name Customer Survery.

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009 A-day
Thursday, April 2nd, 2009 B-day

Report 50 (pg. 393) Following the instructions in red, complete the report and email to me as an attachment. The subject line should read your name and the report number.

Report 51 (pg. 394) Following the instructions in red, comolete the report and email to me as a second attachement to the above email.

Monday, March 30th, 2009 A-day
Tuesday, March 31st, 2009 B-day

Report 43 (pg. 385) Desktop Publishing Applications

Follow the directions to create a snowperson similar to the illustration at the left. Save one copy as Snowman and email it as an attachement to

Report 45 (pg. 387) Create a flyer following the steps provided. Save your report and continue to Report 46/

Report 46 (pg. 387) Open Report 45 and revise it followng the directions provided. Email Report 46 to me as an attachement. Save it as Report 46 and place your name and Report 46 in the subject line.

Friday, March 27th, 2009 A-day Tuesday, March 31st, 2009 B-day

Report 33, page 370

Create the flyer in the illustration following these steps:

Save the report as Report 33 and attach it to an email with Report 33 as your subject line and email to

Report 36 (pg. 378)- Follow the instructions and save. You do not have to email me 36.

Report 37 - Follow the instructions and save as Report 37

Report 38 - Follow the instructions and save as Report 38

Report 39 - Follow the instructions and save as Report 39

Email all three reports in 1 email and attach. The subject line should show Reports 27, 38 & 39.

Monday, March 23rd, 2009 A-day
Tuesday, March 24th, 2009 B-day

Formatting International Addresses
Read E., page 355 on formatting international addresses

Complete letter 58 in Microsoft Word
Save as.....your name letter 58

Now translate the letter from English to German!

How? Here's a clue Free Translations If this link is not working today go ahead and complete both documents in English and save them to your computer. I have requested they un-block the site which should be done by Tuesday the 24th!

It's easy. Take the letter you have just typed. Copy and paste it into the space provided and then click translate. Copy the translation into a new Word document. Save as.....German your name letter 58.

Email both letters to me at on 1 email as 2 seperate attachments. Your Subject line should read: Your name letter 58
x 2. Your grade will depend on your ability to complete the task and follow instructions.

Letter 60 - Type this international letter in modified-block style with indented paragraphs. This letter needs to be completed in both English and converted to Russian using Free Translations. Email both to me in 1 email with 2 seperate attachements. Your Subject line should read: Your name letter 60 x 2. Again, your grade will depend on your ability to compelte the task and follow instructions.



MONEYSKILLS - Complete module #30 today. If is blocked which means I will not have work in my email from you, you must also complete Moneyskills module #31 today. NO EXCEPTIONS AND I WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO COMPLETE LATER!!

"Who Needs A New Constitution"?

Thursday, February 19th, 2009
Friday, February 20th, 2009

MONEYSKILLS - ALL MODULES COMPLETED THROUGH 29 - Will be reflected on your report card.

Digital Portfolios Project (400 points)
Due Dates: A-day, March 11th B-day, March 12th

This project should display samples of your work, achievements, and accomplishments you would refer to in an interview. Electronic Portfolios use interactive multimedia to increase the range and type of materials that can be included as evidence of learning. You will have to gather this information from home, other teachers and bring it to school to scan.

Your Power Point template should be professional: To search for a Power Point that you like you can start here Microsoft Online Templates or Digital Portfolio Template
High Tech Portfolio's from New Tech High Students - Digital Web based portfolio's
Web Search - Type in Digital Portfolio's and search for examples. Share your finding with me and the rest of the class.
About Hyperlinking:


  • No more than 30 pages (slides, links, text files)
  • You will need to bring 2 CDR's to save your project. 1 for grading, the second for you to keep
  • All information should reflect your accomplishments and experiences. No ficticious information should be presented
  • Navigation through portfolio should be easy and conisitent in appearance and format
  • The portfolio must include: table of contents, a resume, and career summary. The career summary page should include career choice, description of career, education required, and future job oulook (e.g., monetary, advancement)
  • Additional sample materials my includ: awards and honors, certifications, community and volunteer activities, conferences or workshops, examples of projects or presentations, letters of recognition and recommendation. list of accomplishements, leadership development activities, recognitions, self-assessments, evident of specific skills, a page for a Web site created, writing samples, and so forth.
  • When contemplating these items, you want to showcase your education and work experience by showing examples and evidence of your work, skills, and accomplishemnts. For example, only include 1-2 pages from a Web site or 1-2 pages of a report.
  • All files must be viewable on a Windows platform ( No Mac files)
  • The portfolio may be submitted in any program, but it must include a player/viewer for the program.

  • Written communication skills (sample letter of inquiry to a college or for a job) Not ficticious
  • Organizational Skills (Both in the order of your project and meeting deadlines)
  • Creativity
  • Career Development (what you present in your career summary, amount of details)
  • Technology Skills (Ability to scan, hyperlink, and complete your Power Point in a professional manner)
  • Multimedia
  • Use of scanners
  • Self-assessment
  • Knowledge of employability skills and trends
  • Time-management

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Digital Portfolio's

Go to Microsoft Power Point or Microsoft Online and look for a professional Power Point. We are going to prepare individual Digital Portfolio's for presentation. I am going to post more information in a minute so go ahead and find the template you are going to use.

Friday, February 13th, 2009

TWO-PAGE LETTERS- page 300 (Read the instructions)

Letter 40 - You may create your own letterhead when you complete

Long business letters are often continued on a second page. To format a multipage letter, read 1 & 2 on page 300.

MONEYSKILLS - Complete through lesson 27 before Wednesday February 19th (PROGRESS REPORTS)

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Title Page, Table of Contents, Bibliography

Read C., D, E. on pages 282 and 283

Report 27 - Type following the instructions in red. Business report, left bound.

Report 28, Report 29, Report 30.

Print 1 copy of all and place in my box.

Thursday, February 5th, 2009-B-day

Micro Type Pro - Practice your typing for 30 minutes. Show me your work when finished in Micro Type.

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009 B-day
Wednesday, February 4th, 2009 A-day

ALL JUNIORS - If you would like to Co-Op next year which means leave school early to work and receive credit for it, see Mrs. Knight. I have a form you will need to complete today and give back to me.

PROGRESS REPORTS - Go out Thursday-Tomorrow.
The sub will hand out your individual progress report for this class today so you can see where you stand. IT'S NOT VERY PRETTY! I have graded everything and placed it either in your box or the basket on the shelf next to the mailboxes. The only assignments I have not graded are:
January 6th - Employee Absenteeism
January 7th - Paying College Costs
January 14th - Listening.
If you do not have a returned, graded paper for a particular project.....You did not turn it in!

The last progress report grade you received in my class was not updated. This progress report grade will be up to date.

MONEYSKILLS- Grades for modules 15-25 will be on this progress report. If you will go back and look at all assignments, if you had followed each assignment you should be finished will all 34 modules at this point. If you are behind it is because you have been playing. I will reset the modules you would like to re-take because of a low score. I will not reset any modules if you have note completed all modules through 25. I will update these grades this afternnon which will make some of your grades look better. I will not be grading any more papers before tomorrows progress reports!

Friday, January 30th, 2009 B-day
Monday, February 2nd, 2009 A-day

Memo - Memo's are written messages sent from one person to another in the same organization or business. memos are less formal than letters and do not have salutations or closing lines. Most word processing programs now include memo templates. TEMPLATES are froms that have been designed so that you can move quickly from one data entry area to the next to fill in necessay information. Memo templates usually include the guide words TO:, FROM:, DATE:, and SUBJECT:

MEMO 1 (pg. 324) - Prepare the memo using the first memo template listed in your word processing software. Print 1 copy and place in my box.

HOW DO I FIND TEMPLATES MRS. KNIGHT? Open a blank WORD document. Click on NEW, and a menu bar will pop up on the right. Under the word TEMPLATE you will click on On My Computer. Click on Memo.

MEMO 2 (pg. 324) - Following the instructions, complete Memo 2. Print 1 copy and place in my box.

1-Moneyskill** Sign in to see what's going on Friday the 30th at the JSU competition. We will periodically have a live webcast from Jacksonville so come see what we're up to!

Thursday, January 29th, 2009 B-day
Monday, February 2nd, 2009 A-day

Complete 1 Moneyskill

Remember, many times you will have someone give you a hand written or unformatted document that you will have to turn around and type in the correct format. This is an example of that process so use your book and examples to complete the assignment.

Micro Type Pro - Sign into Micro Type pro and work on your Skill Building for 30 minutes. Once you have completed your 30 minutes, go to numbers and work on typing your numbers in for the remainder of the period.

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009 B-day
Wednesday, January 28th, 2009 A-day

Complete 1-Moneyskill

Letters With Numbered Lists - (pg. 320)
A numbered list is often included in the body of a letter. Use the automatic numbering feature to create the list. Leave a blank line before the first and after the last numbered item. Single-space the list.

Type Letter 54 in modifield-block style. Use today's date. Print 1 copy and place in my box. Spell check and check formatting.

COLLABORATION continued. Find two friends and create a blank document in Google Doc's. Together, type Letter 55 ( pg. 321) and everyone must do their part. Make sure all the names of the collaborators are listed on the document. Print 1 copy and place in my box.

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Google Documents - How to collaborate online and why!

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009 - Assignments

Moneyskills- Complete 1
Read Tuesday's assignment below and create a Gmail account. Put your Gmail address on the list on the table. Do Not write down your password.

Friday we will have a Demonstration project.

Digital Portfolio's - Research digital portfolio's on the internet.

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009 - Assignments

GOOGLE - Set up and account and write it on my Google address list.

On Thursday we are going to do a Demonstration Project. I will demonstrate how to do something fairly simple and then you will turn around and copy what I have demonstrated. Before we do this, you will need to set up a Google account. The cool thing about Google is that they understand we all already have email accounts!! You will use an email address you already have as your username and the password you use with that email address as your password.

EXAMPLE: My yahoo email address is and my password is bulldog. To set up my email address for GOOGLE I will use as my user name and bulldog as my password.

Once you have set up your GOOGLE account, write your google email address on my list I have for you. DO NOT write your password. - That is all you will need to do today for Thursday.


Barack Obama's Inauguration: Everything you need to know

Inauguration Details Barack Obama will make history when he is sworn in as the 44th President. Click on the link for everything you need to know about the inauguration and the celebrations and festivities surrounding it:

THE WINTERBORO BUSINESS AND MARKETING ACADEMY WILL BE HOSTING THE INAUGURATION LIVE VIA OUR HDTV. All Academy members are welcome to watch beginning at 11:40 and ending at 12:30. You must have signed permission from your teacher. First come, first serve. We cannot exceed 30 students and you must be in good standing with a B average or above on STI. YOU WILL REMEMBER "WHERE YOU WERE" ON THIS IMPORTANT DAY!


Friday, January 16th, 2009
Read this story and think about it! There are grammatical errors because I copied and pasted this story just as it came to me.

Dr. Adolf Brown - Click on the link below. Put your headphones one. Scroll down and listen to all 6 of Dr. Brown Speaches. Or, I can project it on the big screen if everyone agrees.

Motivational Speaker

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009 - A-day
Thursday, January 15th, 2009 B-day

Money Skills - Complete 2 modules today.

REPORT 22 - Type the business report as a left-bound report. Format all the references as endnotes. Remember to add the page number to the second page of the report. If you have any questions....use your REFERENCE section in the front of the book. You also have a GLOSSARY to help you find the page you need to go to. You know that's all I do when you ask me where something is!

Print 1 copy and place in my box. Use PRINT PREVIEW and don't waste paper. Once it look right, then you can print.

Monday, January 12th, 2009 - A-day
Tuesday, January 13th, 2009 - B-day

Micro Type Pro - Warm up your fngers for the first 15 minutes.

READ Formatting Footnotes and Endnotes on page 270 (E)

REPORT 21 -Type the report following the instructions in red. You will format all references as footnotes. Refer to the Reference section in the front of the book to get an idea of how it should look. Print 1 copy and place it in my inbox.


Thursday, January 8th, 2009 B-day
Friday, January 9th, 2009 A-day

Word Processing Applications

Agenda - Report 19 - (pg. 265) Go back and your book and refresh your memory on how to correctly format an Agenda.
Complete Report 19 using the correct format. Print 1 copy and place in my box.

Academic Style, Report 20 - (pg. 266) Go back and refresh your memory on how to type a report in academic style. Follow the instructions on page 266 and include a Works Cited page. Print 1 copy and place in my box.

Investopedia - Check your stocks.

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009 B-day
Wednesday, January 7 th, 2009 A-day

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Students who placed in the top 25% in the nation in the Financial Literacy Challenge...the daily home will be here on Thursday to take your picture during Enrichment. It is Professional Dress Day so be dressed. You will also be recognized at the Talladega County Schools Board meeting on January 29th. Please bring your parents and dress professionally. You will be recognized and receive your certificate.

FBLA T-shirts and hoodies are here and will be handed out today. I will hand them out while you work!
FBLA competition deadline is this week.
January 8th is professional dress day.
FBLA competition sign up needs to be completed. See Mrs. Knight with questions.
We need to plan our March of Dimes fundraiser for this month or the beginning of next.


Micro Type Pro - Warm up your fingers for the first 10 minutes.


When you use facts, ideas, and information of others in a report, you must give credit to those people. Once acceptable format to use is the MLA (Modern Language Association) style for parenthetical references. We studied MLA reports at the beginning of the year.

Read the instructions on page 258, sections D and E. This information is important to know for your english classes!!!

REPORT 17 - (pg. 260) Type the following report in academic style. Double-space the report. Print 1 copy and place in my box.
Further instructions on page 139 - to refresh your formatting instructions.

In MLA-style reports, the Works Cited page is an alphabetical list of all the sources hou have cited. To format a list of work cited you will need to read section D., (page 262)

REPORT 18 -Type the following report in academic style. Type the Works Cited page as the last page of the report. Use your name, your teacher's name, your course title, and the current date in the heading. Use only your last name with the page number.
Print 1 copy and place in my box. Be sure to staple both together. The stapler is by the mailboxes.

Friday, December 12th, 2008 A-day


What are you Thankful for? Answer the discussion question "I am Thankful for..."

Microtype Pro - Sign in as a guest and practice your typing the remainder of the period. Click on the stop watch and take Writing 10 for 3 minutes and check your speed and accuracy.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, December 10th, A-day
Thursday, December 11th, B-day


We will continue with tables today. Complete Tables 17, 18, and 19 on page 255. Print 1 copy and place in my box prior to leaving for the day.

FUN FACTS - What do you know about the state you live in?

Go BLABBERIZE yourself! BLABBERIZE What is this you say? Have you seen the funny commercial where the baby is in a high chair talking about stocks. He gets a call on his cell phone and says "Girl can I holler back at ya"? We'll this is the same concept. You can upload a picture of anything....a piece of fruit. You then indicate where you want the mouth to be and record the voice. You are going to have to record the voice on the computer and then upload it. I have 2 microphones your going to have to share. Make sure you give them back to me/Mrs. Ingram, before you leave for the day. HAVE FUN

Monday, December 8th, 2008 A-day


MicroType Pro - review your typing skills. After 20 minutes of typing, take a timed typing test using Warmup A on page 250. Type each line 2 times. Remember you need to know how fast you can type for future interviews.

Page 249 - Complete Tables 12, and 13 being careful to follow instructions. Complete both tables on 1 page. Print 1 copy and place in my inbox.

Page 251 - Tables with Titles and Subtitles. Read the guidelines outlined in section D. Braced Column Headings. Read the guidelines in section E. for braced column headings. Once you have read and understand both D and E, continued to page 252.

Complete Table 15 and 16 following the instructions in red. Complete both tables on 1 page. Print and place in my inbox for grading.

FINAL PROJECT TODAY - GO SHOPPING FOR CHRISTMAS - As you know we have adopted the Christmas wish lists of 3 area children. Get a copy of their list on the table and go online to get prices for each item. Write it on the wish list sheet and total it for me so we will know about how much money we need to raise. Turn it in to me at the end of class. Try Wal Mart

Friday - December 5th, 2008 B-day

WE HAVE 2 CLASS DAY'S LEFT BEFORE EXAMS!!! It appears I may have only 2 or 3 students who will have to take the Exam due to grades/absenses. This would be a good time to make sure all your work is done and make up any low Money skills grades in your spare time. I can reset them for you to re-take upon request.

Today -

1- Money skill
Column Headings - describe the data in each column of a table. Read the instructions for formatting column headings on page 242-G.
Complete Table 6, Table 7, and Table 8 on the same page. Print 1 copy and place in my box.

FORMATTING - pg. 245

Tables with number columns - read page 245, D.
Using the information posted from your readings, complete Tables 9, 10, and 11 on the same page. Be sure to read the instructions in red. Type all on 1 page and print 1 copy and place in my box.


Tuesday, December 3rd, 2008 A-day
Thursday, December 4th B-day

SURVEY Net Day - Speak Up
Secret code: tcboe

To help us improve your learning environments, click on the above link and take the survey. Be honest and truthful and really think about your answers so we can make learning fun.

Make sure you have completed Letters 29 & 30 (Wednesday, November 19th assignments)

TABLES - pg. 239

You have previously completed tables 1 & 2. Go and re-read the instructions for formatting column widths and table positions on page 238. Once you have refreshed your memory complete the assignments below. Print all 3 on 1 page and place in my inbox. Feel free to ask questions.

Complete Table 3, Table 4, and Table 5 prior to the end of class. Be sure to read and follow the instructions in red.

Go to the home page and click on discussion. Post your comment for where you would like to go on a field trip.

Friday, November 21st, 2008 A-day

Microtype pro - Each computer has microtype pro. You need to know your average speed so you can put it on your resume'. Many of you have gotten rusty texting!

Type in Skillbuilder for about 30 minutes to warm up. When you feel that you are ready click on the stop watch and take one of the writings. The higher the number the more advanced. You should take 10 or above. Take a 3 minute test and you cannot have more than 3 errors! Continue until you get it and show Mrs. Garret your GWAM rate for a grade.

Last - Check your Portfolio's. Do not go anywhere else other than the wikispace, moneyskills, or investopedia!


Wednesday, November 19th, 2008 A-day
Thursday, November 20th, 2008 B-day

Modified Block Letters.
How to Properly format a letter.

POP QUIZ in 30 minutes!

At this point you should all very confidentally be able to know the difference between a block style and a modified block letter. What indented paragraphs are and how to take a letter and format it from various text. You will have a test at the end of the period. I suggest you review the correct spacing of letters, modified block format and proofreaders marks. The test will be a production test. Suggested pages to review: 169, 182, and 191 for beginners.

Assignment - Letter 29 (pg. 221) Format this letter in modified-block style.
Assignment - Letter 30 (pg. 224) Format this letter in modified b-block style with indented paragraphs . Read the instructions in red.

Print both letters and place in my box.

Monday, November 17th, 2008 A-day
Tuesday, November 18th, 2008 B-day

NATIONAL FINANCIAL LITERACY CHALLENGE! We will all start the challenge together after I have given out passwords. This is a 35 question on-line test. You will receive a grade for your effort. Your moneyskills should pay off on this challenge. Be sure to have a calculator ready, scratch paper and a pencil. The test should not take over 1 hour. They will notify me how my students did at a later date and I will pass the information along you you. THIS IS TO BE SERIOUS BUT FUN. TAKE YOUR TIME, GIVE IT YOUR BEST EFFORT, AND SHOW THEM HOW SMART WE ARE IN ALABAMA!

A-day students will watch the Motivational Speaker, Johathan Sprinkles, on DVD.

Friday, November 14th, 2008 B-day

Catch up day.
After lunch we will hear Jonathan Sprinkles speak on DVD. He is the #1 Motivational Speaker in the country right now and we were fortunate to hear him at the Joint Leadership Development conference in Montgomery in September.

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008 A-day
Thursday, November 13th, 2008 B-day

Progress reports go out Thursday the 13th and some of you have been coasting. It's time to pay the fiddler! Let's get to work and finish the year out strong. All you have a media form to take home to get signed for 100 points. I will replace your lowest Moneyskill grade with this 100.

Thursday is Professional Dress Day - You will recieve a easy 100 if you follow the professional dress guidelines. There will be no points take off for those who do not dress because they snooze and you loose some easy points! You may not dress professionally another day and receive credit. The next professional dress day is December 4th.

MONEYSKILLS -Have you seen the news lately. Once you complete all of your moneyskills I think some of you could go run our country and get us out of this bail-out mess. No one has ever bailed me out. Sometimes I think we need to let things crumble, pick up the pieces and rebuild. You learn more from failure than you do from winning/succeesing all the time. CATH UP ON YOUR MONEYSKILLS! The country needs you!!!

Formatting - Parts of a Table

We will be looking at boxed tables and open tables.
You will need to understand the difference. Begin by reading E. on page 235.

Begin by taking a handout - "Lesson 66" Read over the handout and click through word as you read the step-by-step procedures for tables. Once you feel comfortable with the procedure move on to Table 1 on page 236. You will open a blank word document to get started. Be sure to put your name, today's date, and the period at the top right hand corner of your paper. When you have completed Table 1 and taken a good look at using print preview, print 1 copy and turn in for grading.

Table 2 - page 236 Follow the instructions in red and complete this table as you completed table 1. Be sure to include your name, date, and the period. Print 1 copy for grading.

Monday, November 10th, 2008 A-day
Thursday, November 13th, 2008 A-day

Remember - The printers do no work in the old Business Ed. lab. Save your work to the computer and attach it to an email to yourself before you leave the class. All the computers wipe out their memory each night so your work will be lost if you DO NOT follow these instructions!


POSTCRIPTS - (PS) is an additional message in paragraph form at the end of a letter. to format a postcript:
  1. Press ENTER 2 times after the last item in the letter.
  2. If letter paragraphs are blocked, type the postscript at the left margin. If paragraphs are indened, indent the postscript.
  3. Type PS: followed by 1 space; then type the message.

Read page 224 section E. Three steps to format a postscript. A postscript (PS:) is an additional message in paragraph form at the end of a letter.

Letter 30 - page 224. Complete the Modified-Block Style With Indented Paragraphs. Follow the assignments instructions in red. Be sure to proofread, use spellcheck, and print preview before printing. Print 1 copy and place in my box.

Letter 31 - page 225. Complete the Block Style following the instructions in red. Be sure to proofread, use spellcheck, and print preview before printing. Place 1 copy in my box.

Moneyskills - 1 module
Investopedia - Check your portfolio. Trade as needed.

Thursday, November 6th, 2008 B-day
Friday, November 7th, 2008 A-day

Catch up on your Moneyskills. Many of you are behind and this is your chance to catch up. Thursday is a field trip and our class will not be of normal size and Friday students are leaving for the play-off game. Use this time wisely.


Tuesday, November 6th, 2008 B-day

Letters with Copy And Delivery Notations

Read page 219 sections D and E.

Complete Letter 27(pg. 220) - Modified-block Style Type the letter following the instructions in red. Be sure to use print preview and check your spelling. Print 1 copy and turn in for grading. DO NOT DO THE EVELOPE ON EITHER ONE.
Complete Letter 28 (pg. 220) - Block Style- Type the letter following the isntructions in red. Be sure to use print preview and check your spelling. Print 1 copy and turn in for grading.

Investopedia - Check your stock portfolio. Trade as needed.

WORDS TO LEARN - Using your book and Quizlet, define the terms below. Print 1 copy to turn in and save your work for a future vocabulary quiz.

adjusting column widths join/merge cells
dot leaders left indent
endnotes margins
footnotes number columns
hanging indent table create
header/footer table position

Monday, November 3rd, 2008 A-day
Tuesday, November 4th, 2008 B-day ELECTION DAY!

Finish your resume' and turn it in by the end of the day.

Letter of Application: An application letter is written to apply for a position. Your resume shuld be enclosed with the letter. Since this may be the first impression an employer has of you, be sure that your letter and resume are each a single page, neat, accurate, and contain all essential information.

An application letter should contain the following paragraphs:

Paragraph 1: The purpose of the letter, the job for which you are applying, and how you learned of the opening.
Paragraph 2: The qualifications that make you especially suited for the position. Mention skills you have that can help the employer and the company. Refer to the resume you are enclosing.
Paragraph 3: Special skills that will set you apart from other applicants. For example, do you work well with other people? Are you very well organized? Are you proficient at using various machines?
Paragraph 4: A request for an interview. Restate your interest in the job and indicate when you will be available. Include a telephone number where an employer can easily reach you.

Letter 23 - (pg. 210)Format the application letter in block style. Review the format of a personal-business letter in Lesson 48. Use print preview and spell check. Print 1 copy and place it in my box.

Letter 24 - (pg. 211)Format the handwritten application letter in block style. Remember to include the current date and an enclosure notation. Use your name and address in the closing lines. Use print preview and spell check. Print 1 copy and place it in my box.

1-Moneyskill (You should be approaching module 20 at this point)
Check your stock portfolio's - Trade as needed.

Wednesday, October 28th, 2008 A-day
Thursday, October 29th, 2008 B-day

Election day is Tuesday, November 4th. Visit Democracy in Action and become President for the Day, Step inside the time machine, and send 3 E-cards to family members who are 18 years or older.

2008 Pesidenial Election Fun Facts: 2008 Election Fun Facts
How does the Government Effect me? How our Government Works

HANDOUT - Using the website above, complete the Business Education Democracy Project. Every question is an exact of what you will find on the site. Place your completed handout in the box prior to leaving.

1-Moneyskill if you have time
Check your Portfolio's

FBLA - Mock Elections are Monday during 2nd and 3rd period. We will have 2 laptop's set up in the hall outside of the lunchroom as our voting booth. Students will come by and vote as they go to lunch. All who vote will receive an "I voted" sticker.

Monday, October 27th, A-day
Tuesday, October 28th, B-day

Resume's - Today we will begin our resume' (You must turn in a printed rough draft prior to the end of class)

Go to Start, All programs, New Office Document and find the Resume' template. It may be under the "Other" tab.
You will find several different types of templates such as Professional resume', Contemporary resume', and Elegant resume'.
You may choose the style that you like best. Remember that these templates have hidden fields and if you try to change them too much it will distort your margins and information and you will have to start over. Try to make your information fit the template as best you can.

I have sample resumes you may use in a notebook beside the front door. Your objective should be something general. Take a look at the examples from previous WHS students in the notebook to come up with an objective of your own.

Thursday, October 23rd, B-day

Complete the last 2 day's work. Due to homecoming festivities everyone is behind so this will be a catch-up day. If I see you get finished sooner I will post additional work.

MONEYSKILLS- Your next progress report will have Modules 1-15 posted. If you have not completed atleast this many moduels at this point, you need to spend all your free classtime on your moneyskills.

We will complete our Resume's next. Before we begin, go and browe some of the sights I have listed. I want you to get a good idea of the information needed on a resume and how to portray yourself in the best light...truthfully. Go visit these sites.

Resume samples by job

When you have finished all work to date, begin your resume'. Click on

Tuesday, October 21st - B-day
Wednesday, October 22nd, A-day

Investopedia - Check your stocks. Trade as needed
Moneyskills - Complete 1 money skill

Letter 20 - Block Style Personal Business Letter (pg. 201) Following the instructions in red, please complete letter 20. Be sure to use Print Preview and check for errors before you print. Place your finished copy in my mailbox.

Resume's - Here's my resume for you took look at. Mrs. Knight's resume' Be sure to click on staff, then Kim Knight and then scrool down to see the resume". Remember I am 43 years old and have much to put on my resume. Yours will be 1-page but will have most of the same sections.

Once you decide to apply for a job, you will need to prepare a resume. A a resume is a summary of your training, background, and qualifications for the job. There are a variety of acceptable formats for resumes, but there is basic infrmation that should be included no matter which format you choose.

  1. Heading
  2. Objective
  3. Education
  4. Experience
  5. Honors, Awards, and Activities
  6. References

On the page provided by Mrs. Knight and using the guidelines on page 205, start jotting down information under each heading that you think you should put on your resume'. We will work on this together and I will give you some examples to use. Remember, Education should include Business and Marketing Academy, you need to know how fast you tpe (Micro Type Pro) so you can list your GWAM. Software programs like Microsoft Word, Power Point are good to list under education. Wikispaces and Blogs are part of your technology experience. References should not be family members and you need their permission before you list their name. BEFORE OUR NEXT CLASS...have a list of 3 references with their addresses and phone numbers. You also need their job title and where they work. Teachers can be used as references but you don't want all three of your references to be your teachers!

ARE YOU A LEADER? Watch the video below to see if you have the top 10 skills that successful leaders possess!

Thursday, October 17th - B-day
Monday, October 20th - A-day

Investopedia - Check your stocks. Buy, Sell, and Trade as needed. You should have atleast $50,000 invested at this point. If you do not...then research and buy.

Moneyskills - Complete 1

Enclosure and Attachment Notations: Read page 198 to understand what each means
Letter 18 - Modified-Block With Indented Paragraphs.
Read the directions in red. Be sure in use print preview and spell check. Print 1 copy and place in my box.

Wednesday, October 15th - A-day
Thursday, October 16th - B-day

Check your stocks. Which one's have made you money, which one's would you stay away from? What have you learned so far from playing the stock market? Post your answer to the above discussion question.

Discussion Question - My stock tip's

Modified-Block with Indented Paragraphs - Letter 16 on page 195. Follow the instructions in red. Be sure to proof read and use print preview before printing and placing 1 copy in my box.

MAKING THE RIGHT MONEY MOVES - Pick up a booklet (on the bookcase by the door). Read pages 2 and 3 and complete the Story Map enclosed. Place the book back on the rack and place your Map in my Inbox. If you do not understand the difference between A Personal Truth and A Universal the net.

Monday, October 13th - A-day
Tuesday, October 14th - B-day

Let's get the 2nd 9- weeks started off right!

Investopedia - Go check your stock portfolio
Money Skills - Complete 1

Micro Type Pro - Refresh your speed and accuracy. You should now have Micro Type loaded on your desktop. If it is not on your desktop, look in all programs. Go into Build Skill and practice A. Once you feel ready, click on Writing Measurement and take a timed typing test. You may have no more than 3 errors. Raise your hand when you have finished and have no more than 3 errors. You can take the exam up to 4 times. Remember 25 GWAM is a 100 and then it drops 2 points as the GWAM deminishes. This grade will go into the grade book. Do not exit out before I record your grade.

Turn in your book to page 188
Type Letter 12 -Block-Style Business letter following the instructions in red. Print 1 copy after proof reading and making sure there are no mistakes.

October 7th B-day
October 8th A-day

9-week exams -

September 30th, 2008
October 1, 2008

MONEY SKILLS! All the other classes are on module 12. Remain quite and focus on completing your money skills this class period. You should be able to complete 1 to 2 lessons today.

If you caught up, then take a look at your past assignments. Some of you owe me before report cards go out next week!

Two handouts - LESSON 54 & 55.
I have two handouts for you to complete. Follow the instructions on each. Print 1 copy and place in my box.
Be sure to use spell check and print preview before you print.

September 22, 2008 A-day
September 25, 2008 B-day Look for additional work added at the bottom


What College would you like to attend?
Would you be interested in joining any clubs or organizations at your college of choice?
If you don't want to go to college but would rather receive specialized training then what do you want to do and for what company do you want to work for?
For those of you interested in colleges go take a virtual tour at this link
College Virtual tours

Once you have found the college you are interested in, find the contact information and write it down so that you can write them a letter of inquirey. Your letter will have an introduction which includes an introduction of yourself and the purpose of your letter. Your letter should include a body describing your interests and career goals. Your letter should have a closing paragraph that asks for information to be sent to you. The inside address will be to the college of choice, and the return address will be your personal mailing address. Address the salutation to: Office of Admissions. We will print an envelope because we will be mailing these letters. We will use the Academy envelopes to mail your letters. You will not need to put a return address on the envelope but will list your home mailing address as the writers identification. See the letter on page 170 as a guide as to how your Block Style Personal-Business letter should look.

I will need for you to bring me your letter to proof read. I will give you your envelope once your letter has been approved and I will show you how to place the envelope in the printer. Tamela Groce will show each of you how to place your envelopes in the printer.

Letter 7 - Block Style Business Letter practice

Following the instructions in red, type letter 7 and use today's date. As you type be sure to follow any proofreaders marks you see.

Go explore - Check out competative events and begin deciding what you would like to compete in. It will take you a while to review all of the categories and read all the requirements and guidelines. Be sure to look the rubric for each.

1-Money Skill

September 19, 2008 A-day
September 23, 2008 B-day

Letter 5, page 179 is a Block Style letter with Envelope. Type this letter follwoing the instructions in red. Follow the instructions below for prepareing an envelope. Print your envelope on standard paper. Fold Letter 5 follwoing the folding instructions covered last class period. Place both in the mail box.

Business Letters
A business letter represents a company, not an individual. Business letters are usually printed on company stationary called letterhead. The letterhead usually includes the company's name, address, and telephone number. The differences between a business letter and a persona-business letter are these:

  1. The writer's company name and address appear in the letterhead; therfore, they are not typed in the closing lines.
  2. The writer's business title is typed below the name. A short title may be placed on the same line as the name, seperated by a comma. The name and title are called the writer's identification.
  3. The initials of the typist (called reference initials) are typed a doubple space below the writer's identification.

Letter 6, Block-Style Business, page 182. Type Letter 6 in block style. Use your own initials for the reference initials. Print 1 copy and fold. Place work in the mailbox.

September 17th, 2008 A-day
September 18th, 2008 B-day

Block Style Personal-Business Letter

Letter 3, page 173. Type this letter in block style with standard puncutation. Insert the current date. Use your knowledge of proofreaders marks to make corrections as you type. Use spell check and print preview prior to printing and placing a copy in my mailbox but be sure to follow the folding instructions below.

Letter 4, Page 174. Type this letter in block style with standard punctuation. Make the corrections indicated by the proofreaders' marks. Use spell check and print preview prior to printing and placing a copy in my mailbox but be sure to follow the folding instructions below. SAVE THIS LETTER FOR FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS.


There are two commonly used envelope sizes: a No. 10 (large envelope) and a No. 6 (small envelope). The No. 10, which is the standard size for business letters__, is 9 1/2 by 4 1/2 inches. A correctly addressed envelope should be typed as illustrated on page 177.
OPEN letter 4 you just saved. Click on tools, letters and mailings, then envelopes and labels, then click on the top tab that says envelopes. You have a box to input your Delivery Address (Whom it's to) and your Return Address (Who sent it). Go ahead and put the Delivery address and Return address in these boxes from LETTER 4. Normally you would put an envelope into the printer then print. Go ahead and print on a regular piece of paper and place it in my mailbox for your class.

Read, How to Fold a Letter on page 178. Fold both of your letters correctly before placing in my box.

I will show you how to insert an envelope and print on it the next class period.

September 15th, 2008 A-day
September 16th, 2008 B-day

PERSONAL BUSINESS LETTER - Is a letter from an individual to a business is called a personal-business letter. A personal-business letter. a personal-business letter should contain these parts:
Date Line - The month, day, and year the letter is typed.
Inside Address- The name and address of the person to whom the letter is being sent.
Salutation - An opening greeting such as Dear Ms. Jones.
Body - The text of the letter.
Complimentary Closing - A closing to the letter such as Sincerely or Yours truly.
Signature - The writer's signature.
Writer's Identification - The writer's typed name and address.

Read section f., page 169 1-7 to understand how a personal business letter should be farmatted.

Letter 1, Page 170 - Follow the directions and type this Block-Style Personal-Business letter. Check for errors and use print preview to check the formatting, and print 1 copy to turn in. PLACE YOUR NAME IN THE TOP RIGHT HAND CORNER.

Letter 2, Page 171 - Follow the directions and type this Block Style Personal-Business letter. Use you knowledge of proofreaders marks to make correstions as you type.
Be sure to read the directions in red. Check for errors, use print preview to check formatting and print 1 copy to turn-in. PLACE YOUR NAME IN THE TOP RIGHT HAND CORNER.

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008 B-day
Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008 A-day

Telephone techniques for the job - The person who answers the phone for a company set's the tone. Withing the first few seconds you have formed an opinion about that company. If you are the person who answers the phone for your company, make a great first impression!

Complete the warm-ups on page 163 C & D. Be sure to show me when you have finished before you preceed to the next report.

Report 12 (pg. 164) - One-Page Report with Numbered List, complete this report as shown. There are no additional instructions to read. Print 1 copy after you are sure all corrections have been made.

Report 13 (pg. 164-165) - Minutes of Meeting. Make corrections according to the proof readers marks as you type. Print 1 copy after you are sure all corrections have been made.

Report 14 (pg. 165-166) - Two-Page Report With Paragraph Headings. There are no additional instructions. Print 1 copy after you are sure all corrections have been made.

Place copies of each report in the 7th and/or 4th period mailbox

Friday, August 29th, 2008 HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY WEEKEND!
Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

REPORT 10 - Minutes of Meeting - Over the course of your career you will attend many meetings. You will also be ask to take minutes of the meeting. Follow the instructions in red and make corrections according to the proofreaders marks. Print your report and place in the correct box.

Multiple Page Reports - Read the Formatting guidelines on page 159. Once you understand the correct way to format, proceed to
REPORT 11. Make sure to check your work by using Print Preview, print 1 copy only when you are sure there are no errors.

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008
Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Page 153 - Report 8 One-Page Report With paragraph Headings
Following the instructions, complete Report 8, preview by going to Print Preview. When you are sure there are no errors, print 1 copy and turn in.

Read Lesson 45 on page 154, Minutes of Meetings
Complete Warm-up A
Read and understand subject-Verb Agreement in section B.
Review the proofreaders marks on page 155
Read E. Minutes Of Meetings and then complete Report 9. Print Preview and then turn in one correct copy for grading.

Monday, August 25th, 2008

You will learn Formatting of Numbered and Bulleted Lists and Agendas
Warmup exercises D, E and F on page 148. Show me when you have finished and then proceed to the reports below.

Following the instructions on page 150, Complete Report 5 (Agenda) and Report 6 (List)

Be sure to print both and turn in for grading.

Page 151 - Reports with Headings
You will learn to format reports with side headings and paragraph headings.

Complete Warmups A and B
Read and understand D on page 152 and then proceed to Report 7 - A one-page report with side headings. Follow the instructions in red. Print your final document when finished. Be sure to use Print Preview to check for errors before printing. Place your copy in the 4th period In-Box.

A-day, Friday, August 22nd, 2008

Page 143 - Complete Warmups A, B, and C (Show me, do not print)

Review the proofreaders marks on Page 144. Refresh your memory from the other day. You will be tested on these marks.
Make sure you understand how to use: Bold, Italic and Cut/Copy/Paste. Put each work into the "ask a question" section of word and read to make sure you can Bold, Italic and Cut/Copy/Past documents with ease.

Complete Report 3 (One-page Business Report) on page 145 -146 and print (1) copy. Make corrections according to the proofreaders marks as you type. Place your corrected and completed work in the 4th period In-box