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4th 9-WEEKS - Destop Publishing Simulation FRILLIO'S PIZZA


Procedures: Each student has been given a booklet with all the information needed to complete this simulation. Students will check the wikispace each day to see what assignments are due prior to the end of each class period. A website has been provided to obtain any additional information you will need for this simulation including downloads. EACH STUDENT PRODUCED DOCUMENT must be placed in the FRILLIO'S PIZZA notebook for grading on the date it was assigned. The notebook is set up in sections per assignment. Your work WILL NOT be graded if it does not have your name (on the back) and is not placed in the correct section of the class notebook!

Friday, March 26th - JOHNNYMONEY online business simulation to gather an understanding of how a business in run prior to the simulation.
Monday, March 29th - Introduction to FRILLIO'S PIZZA. Procedures overview. Notebook procedures. Grading procedures.
Wednesday, March 31st - Warm-up Excercise #1 and #2 (Printed and placed in notebook)
Monday, April 5th - Download logo and other logos you will need for this simulation. Part 2A Design the Frillio's Pizza Letterhead. Be sure to complete the MEMO using Microsoft WORD templates. Print and place in notebook. Part 2B Design the Frillio's Pizza Envelope. Be sure to complete the MEMO using microsoft WORD templates. Print and Place in the notebook. Mrs. Knight has letterhead stationery and matching envelopes for this project. Each student can have (2) of each ONLY!
Wednesday, April 7th - 2C - Business Card. Be sure to complete the MEMO. Print and place in the notebook. Print your business card on plain paper to place in the notebook. Begin working on your Place Mat
Monday, April 19th, 2010 - Part 3: Design the Frillio's Pizza Place Mat (pages 40-42). Print and place the Place Mat in the class folder. Be sure to complete the MEMO print and place in the folder. Begin Part 4: Design a Coupon Flyer.
Wednesday, April 21, 2010- Complete Part 4 and print your coupon flyer. Place in the notebook. Be sure to prepare your memo and print a copy to place in the notebook.

Monday, March 8th and Wednesday, March 10th

If you have not completed all 34 Moneyskills modules including the post test, you must complete them today. The substitute has a list and you must work ONLY on Moneyskills. Most of you have finished with the exception of two! No movie making today!

You will be taking the financial literacy challenge when you return from Spring Break. You should have successfully completed all 34 modules of Moneyskills and have a good basic knowlege of financial literacy.

LAST YEAR....we had 11 students qualify in the top 25% percential in the nation in the presidents Financial Literacy Challenge. I WANT YOU to qualify this year! I like to have fun and learn so today you will play Financial Soccer to prepare for your NATIONAL CHALLENGE.

Click on the links below and start your games. Help your neighbor and get ready to WIN! You must play both game several times and master them.



BOOK: Office XP (Orange)

Module 1 per class per class period.

Your class is actually on Module 23 - I will give you until Friday the 15th to catch up to the below schedule and get to Module 28. Stop playing so much in class and get to work!

Module 25 - Wednesday, January 6th
Module 26 - Monday, January 11th
Module 27 - Wednesday, 13th
Module 28 - Friday, 15th
Module 29 - Wednesday, 20th
Module 30 - Friday, 22nd
Module 31 - Monday, 25th
Module 32 - Monday, February 1st
Module 33 - Wednesday, February 3rd
Module 34 - Friday, February 5th
Simulation - Friday, February 5h
Post-Test - Friday, February 5th

Monday, January11th - Assignment

Continue pulling together your March of Dimes Saving Babies promotional video. You have a deadline.

Daren is pulling it together for you but everyone must be working. Each student must contribute 3 valuable pieces of information. All of you will present and tell me your role in the video on Friday!

Complete your Moneyskills (See schedule above)

Remember to check your Portfolio in Investopedia. Buy, Sell, and Trade as needed

Wednesday, January 7th - Assignment (4 activities)

10 points per class period will be deducted from each assignment each day it is not completed!

1. March of Dimes Saving Babies promotional video - As a team, assign duties, assemble facts and information, and prepare a no more than 5 minute presentation for our March of Dimes fundraising activity to take place later this month.

VIDEO WORK DAYS: email information and photo's to Daren (

  • Wednesday, January 6th
  • Monday, January 11th
  • Wednesday, January 13th

2. Answer the Discussion Question: "My Christmas Holiday"

3. Check your stocks

4. Moneyskill (See schedule at the top of page)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009 - Assignment

We will learn about screen capturing software - We will not only learn about it, we will DO IT!
Your assignment is to research screen capturing software by looking at the links I have provided from Fayetteville school. This is a class similar to yours and I want you to go and click on their projects, take a look at all of them, and then begin preparing your own project.

You will have to download to your computer the softwear you choose to use. Then you will need to begin scripting your story line.

Your assignment is to take this software and produce a finish product that will teach others how to use it. You will figure out all the "what not to do"s" as you go along. Your project, which could be used to compete at JSU, should be detailed, easy to understand, include how to use, the benefits of using it, suggestions for using it, and detailed instruction on how to download, navigate and produce a finished product.

You will have 4 class period to complete this project - You will present to the class on Wednesday, October 28th. You will be graded on your presentation and your appearance which should correspond to FBLA Dress Code guidelines!

Research and then feel free to ask questions! Research first and you may begin experimenting this period.

Record all screen and audio activity on your computer by using the free download
CamStudio**. Following are just a few ways to use CamStudio: create demos for any software programs, create video tutorials for school or business, create video based information on products you sell, and record new tricks and techniques. Students in my Integrated Computer Technology class used CamStudio to create tutorials on how to use the various Microsoft Applications and Web 2.0 tools. Using CamStudio can help students prepare for the business world as they can access and evaluate information through the tutorials, use and manage the information, analyze the media that is presented, create media products, and apply technology effectively by using it as a tool to communicate information. I am linking you to a page on my wikispace where I embedded my students' work samples.

Screen Capturing Software downloads
Cam Studio software
Pinnacle Studio Not free but go look!