Mrs. Knights Business Tech Essentials class B - Day

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B-day Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

I am at AIDT (Across from Honda) telling the business people and corporations here in Talladega County how smart, talented, and gifted our students are. Some of your fellow students are with me. I will be back tomorrow.

I will sign your exemption forms on Thursday. Please be sure to check and see that you have turned in all of your work!


Page 265 - Read and complete Report 19
Be sure to put the Agenda in the correct format. Email to me before you leave today.

Page 266 - Read and complete Report 20
Use Academic Style and be sure to put your Works Sited page. Read the directions thoroughly. Email to me before you leave.

B-day Thursday, May 8th, 2008
B-day Thursday, May 9th, 2008

I will give away $20.00 dollars in cash at Awards day tomorrow to the student ranked #1 in the Stock Market Game. Go take a look at your stocks, go take a look at the person who is now winning, see if you can sneak to the top by 1:00 tomorrow and take the cash.

Page 251 in your Book -Read Section D and E. Refresh your memory on Tables.

Create Table 16 - A Table with Columns and Headings. Email your work to me and title it "Table 16" in the subject line.

Do the Same with Table 17, and Table 18

Page 258 - Friday's Work

Read Section D and E on Formatting Reports with Parenthetical References and Quotations in Reports.
Complete Report 17 - Email to me.

Page 262 - Section D Works Cited Page

Complete Report 18 and email to me.

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

I'm sorry I have been attending so many meetings lately. I miss you and would not be out unless it was something I had to do! I know some of you have been completing your work on schedule because you have a great work ethic. This will be very beneficial to you in the future and I promise you will be paid well! Some of you have played because you believe "When the cats away, the mice will play" Those of you who have chosen to do your work will be rewarded. Email all of your assignments listed below to me in 1 email as attachements. In the subject line put - (Your Name) Classwork. I have the handouts and have graded them. They will be part of your final Exam.

If you have lost your work, did not do your work, or can't find your work or any other story you were planning on giving me. today is your last chance. It must be emailed to me with today's date on it to the email address at the top of the page. If you've been playing - it's time to pay the fiddler!!!

Seniors - After you have emailed your work, because I know you have all finished, you can work on your end of the year projects for you other teachers on my computers. Maurice, Luransa, Kent, Benny, and Stephanie - based on past experience, I have a feeling you'll be working for me all period. Use this time wisely!!

I'll see you soon!

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

Finish any work you did not complete on Thurday. I know the computers were down but came back up for your class.

Page 164 - In your book
Type Report 12 - following the instructions TELEPHONE TECHNIQUES FOR THE JOB
Type Report 13 - following the instructions MINUTES OF MEETING
Type Report 14 - following the instructions TWO-PAGE REPORT WITH PARAGRAPH HEADINGS

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

Using your books, complete the lessons and handouts below. Be sure to save your work. Do not print. You may want to save your work in your google documents so that you can show me your work when I return.

Lesson 70, Table 1&2
Lesson 71, Table 1&2
Lesson 65, creating tables - USE YOUR BOOK
Lessons 66, 67, and 68 - USE YOUR BOOK

Friday, April 18th, 2008

Using your books, complete the handouts and lessons below. Be sure to save, do not print!

Lesson 70 and 72
Lesson 73

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Using your books, complete the handouts and lessons below. Be sure to save, do not print!

Lesson 76 - USE YOUR BOOK!

Thursday, March 27th, 2008 - Assignment

All students in the Business and Marketing Academy are required to play INVESTOPEDIA - The stock market challenge game. You will be given a grade. You must sign in daily and check your stocks, buy, sell, and trade as you see fit. The student who increases their portfolio the most by May 9th will win an award. You need to go and review vocabulary. The stock market has a vacabulary all it's own. You will not understand it all at first but the more you work on it and research, the more you will learn. Click on the link below and sign into the WHS Business and Marketing game.

You can join in the action by registering at:
You can begin investing on Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

Be sure to notice the Dictonary tab at the top of the page. You can go look in Buzz Words for more terms you need to understand to invest. This will help you more than you know if life!

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008 Assignment

This is your last 9-weeks of the year!!! CONGRATULATIONS :)

You will learn to compose and type a letter of application for the position in the classified. Turn your Keyboarding book to page 214. Read the instructions for Letter 25. Be sure to review the format for personal-business letters and block-style letters in Lesson 48. Complete Letter 25 and print.

Let's Move to Unit 4 in your book:

Read Page 217 - Career Bit
Define the "Words to Learn" at the top of the page in Quizlet. The definitions are in the back of your book. You should have 12 terms total. Call me when your finished and I will walk around and give you a grade for your Quizlet terms.

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008 Assignment

Review for exam that will be Thursday.

In your book, page 211 Following the directions, complete Letter 24, print and turn in prior to the end of class
page 214 Follwoing the directions, complete Letter 24, print and turn in prior to the end of class

Thursday, March 13th, 2008 Assignment


All students in the Business and Marketing Academy are required to play INVESTOPEDIA. The stock market challenge game. You will be given a grade. You must sign in daily and check your stocks, buy, sell, and trade as you see fit. The students who increases their portfolio the most by May 9th will win an award. You need to go and review vocabulary. I will have assignments the remainder of the week that will help you do this. Click on the link below and sign into the WHS Business and Marketing game.

Before you begin investing, go to beginners 101 and go through the tutorial. There are a lot of terms you will need to learn and familiarze yourself with. Start here:

You can join in the action by registering at:
You can begin investing on Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

Instructions for looking up stock and purchasing:
Click on Symbol Look-up
Type the name of the company you are interested in owning stock in
When you find the company click on Trade
Enter # of shares of stock you want to buy in quantity
Preview Your Order
Make changes or Buy

Invest the rest of the period!! Your not going to know how until you give it a try and experiment!

March 6, 2008 - Assignment

9-Week Exam Review Handout. Answer the true/false and multiple choice questions. Complete Lessons 51, 54, and 55. Print each and turn them in, stapled to your handout, by the end of class.

March 4th, 2008 - Assignment

Finish your Voki's and email to me. Make sure you add your won voice and email to me.

REVIEW FOR YOUR EXAM: Your 9-week exam will be on Thursday, March 13th, 2008

Review Letters 1-22. You will be tested on correct formatting. Begin reviewing on page 170. Points of interest are listed below:
How to format a Block Style Personal Business Letter
Proofreaders Marks and Symbols
Standard Punctuation
How to format an envelope
How to fold a letter
Business Letters (pg. 182) How to format (If I gave you all of the information, could you place it correctly on the page
Reference Initials and where they are to be placed
You may be ask to type a "rough draft" letter and format and make corrections as you go. Know your proofreaders marks.
Modified Block Style letter
Indented Paragraphs
Enclosre and Attachment Notations (page 198)
Blocked Paragraphs (page 202)

February 28th, 2008 - Assignment

What is a Million Dollar Vocabulary?

People in business are frequently judged by how effectively they communicate. The manner in which a person speaks leaves an impression – either true or false – about that person’s intelligence, background, education, and job status. An individual with a comprehensive vocabulary will make a much more powerful first impression than one who lacks in this area, no matter how intelligent or well-educated that person may be. By using words with power, persuasion, and impact, or a million dollar vocabulary, a person can increase his or her communication and boost earning power.
Good communication skills are essential in today’s competitive job market. A prospective candidate may have all the necessary qualifications, but lose out on the job to an individual who is better able to verbally express his or her ideas. But the concept of a million dollar vocabulary takes this a step further and focuses on the selection of specific words that have been shown to contribute to an impression of power and success. Words considered part of a million dollar vocabulary are not necessarily obscure or complex; rather they are words that may be less frequently used and because they are less common, convey a sense of power and confidence.
The best way to illustrate the power of the million dollar vocabulary is to cite illustrations of power words. For example, using the word “gumption” to describe a person’s initiative or courage is far more effective than “nerve” or “guts.” “Augment” is much stronger than “add to” or “increase.” Using “ascertain” rather than “find out” conveys more self-assurance. “Exemplar” or “paradigm” are much stronger words than “example” or “standard.”

You've learned many words both through your Entrepreneurship Coursework and Money Skill. Some of these words you may not be able to recite off hand but they are in your memory bank. The best way to keep these words fresh in your mind is to use them as often as possible. You also need to review them as often as possible. Statistics show that your vocabulary can determine your salary. Don't you want to make as much money as you can for your time and effort? Sure you do. I have a site that helps you practice your vocabulary and helps Charity at the same time. Go sign up and begin reviewing your vocabulary. I want you to visit this site each class period for at least 15 minutes. There are levels you will advance to. I will be giving an AWARD for the student at the highest level in this class come awards day.

Get Started Increasing Your Earning Potential!
Freerice Vocabulary and Community Service Give me 45 minutes today!


GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY! Click here an play the Fed's Baseball game Peanuts & Cracker Jacks Play Ball

IMPORTANT Go to File and Print. Choose the HP Officejet Pro l7500 series printer. Then exit out. Now go back to your Ball game and when your finished and while your score is on the screen, press Ctrl P so that it will print screen. Turn this in to the subsitute so that I can see how you did on the game. This is part of your grade for the day.

February 26th, 2008 Assignment

Page 202 - Letter 21 Modified Block Style Business Letter (Show me when you are finished)

Page 203 - Letter 22 Using page 202, Letter 21 - Modified Block Style with Indented Paragraphs (Show me when you are finished)

Page 205 - Formatting and Resume's - Read the information under section D: Resumes. We have already done our resume's but we need to rethink. The computers were acting up and Google Resumes do not look good when I print. Pull up the resume you sent me on yahoo previously. Compare your resume to the one on page 206. This is the format I want you to use. Take the information you came up with previously and put it into this format. Print when you are finished. All computers will print to HP 2550. Let me know if you have any questions.

February 21st, 2008 Assignment

Today you will learn Enclosure and Attachement Notations.
To show that an item is enclosed with a letter, type the word Enclosure at the left margin on the line below the reference initials. If the item is stapled or clipped to the letter, type the word Attachemnt on the line below the reference initials. If more than on eitem is enclosed or attached, type Enclosures or Attachments. Read section E. on page 198.

Letter 18 - Following the instructions, type the Modified-Block letter with Indented Paragraphs. Email you work to me correctly labeled. You know what should appear in the subject line!

Letter 19 - Follwoing the instructions, type the Modified -Block with Indented Paragraphs. Email your work to me with the correct subject line.

Letter 20 - Format this personal-business letter in block style; prepare a No. 10 envelope. Use the writer's name and address for the return address on the envelope. Add/append the envelope to the letter. Email your work to me with the correct subject line.

Micro Type Pro - Practice your typing the remainder of the period. Try taking a timed typing test to see how close you are to 35 WPM.

February 19th, 2008 - Assignment

Today you will lern about Letters with Indented Paragraph - A variation of the modified-block style letter is to indent the first line of each paragraph, usually 0.5 inch. When using the indented paragraph style, set two tabs-one for the paragraph (at 0.5 inch from the left margin) and one for the date and closing lines (at the center point of the line). Read page 194.

Type Letter 16 - Modified-Block With Indented Paragraphs. Type the following letter in modified-block style with indented paragraphs. Remember to set 2 tabs. Email me Letter 16 as an attachment and make sure the subject line shows Letter 16.

Type Letter 17 - Type this letter following the instructions on the page. Email to me as an attachment and the subject line should show Letter 17.

Micro-Type Pro - Sign into Micro Type pro and pratice your typing skills the remainder of the class. Your goal is to exceed 25 WPM or GWAM. We will be taking a typing test soon and you need to get your speed up. Normally an A/100 is 25 GWAM but I expect this class to reach atleast 35 GWAM. Practice makes perfect.

February 15th , 2008 - Assignment

We are switching gears to Modified-Block Style Letters. (page 191) Unlike Block-Style Letters, the Modfied-Block Style letters the beginning of paragraphs may be blocked at the left margin (preferred) or indented 0.5 inch.

Letter 14 - Type the following letter in modified-blcok style. Use your initials. Show it to me when you are finished for grading.

Letter 15 - Type the following letter in modified-block style. Use your initials. Show it to me when you are finished for grading.

February 14th, 2008 - Assignment

Block-style Business Letter - Follwing the instructions for Letter 12 (pg. 188), type the block-style business letter making corrections as you go. Refer to the reference page for proofreaders mark. Call me to check when you are finished.

Block-Style Business Letter - Letter 13 (pg. 189) Using what you have learned on setting up a Block-Style letter, set this letter up in the correct format. Be sure to take notice of the paragraph indicators. Call me to check when you are finished.

February 12th, 2008 - Assignment

Block Style Business Letters - Letter 8, page 185. Type the following letter in block style. Use your own initials for the reference initials. Include an envelope and address it correctly. Show both to me and be sure to save Letter 8 - You will need it later today!

Block Style Business Letters - Letter 9, page 186. Type the letter following all instructions. Save and show to me for grading.

USE FIND AND REPLACE IN WORD: Open Microsoft Word. In the ask a question box at the top right hand of your page, type find and replace. Look at the instructions it provides for you. I want you to find out how to go and find certain words or names in a document you have already typed and quickly replace that word or name with a new word or name quickly. This keeps you from going through the entire document and deleting and retyping. Once you understand....go to your final exercise for the day.

Block Style Business Letters - Letter 10 on page 186. Read the instructions and Find and Replace. Show me this letter when you are finished.

February 7th, 2008 - Assignment

Key Letter 6 on page 182. Type in block style and use your own initials for the reference initials. Do no include a return address. Use the current date.
Key Letter 7 on page 183. Type the letter in block style. Use your initials for the reference initials. Use the current date.

February 5th, 2008 - Assignment

Key Letter 4 on page 174. Call me to grade when you are finished.
Read F. on page 177. Make sure you understand how to print an Envelope.
Read G. Folding Letters. Get a plain piece of paper by the door and following the instructions, fold following the instructions and turn into me with your name on it.
Letter 5, page 179. Key the letter in Block Style with Envelope. You will have both ready to print but do no print, call me to take a look at and grade.

January 31st, 2008 - Assignment

Personal Business Letters - Read the outline on page 169 section F.
Key Letter 1 (pg. 170) in block style. Follow the instructions. Email to me as an attachment and subject as Letter 1.
Key Letter 2 (pg. 171) in block style. Follow the instructions. Email to me as an attachment and subject as Letter 2.
Key Letter 3 (pg. 173) in block style with standard punctuation. Insert the current date. Use the other two letters you have done as a guideline to set this one up. Email to me as an attachment and subject as Letter 3.

January 24th, 2008 - Assignment

Keyboarding with Computer Applications. Using Google Documents, and following directions!

Read "Formatting guidelines" on page 159-D

Subject-Verb Agreement - Study rule 4 on page 162. Now read instructions prior to and complete Report 12. Save and title the report as Report 12 and email it to me. What should be in the subject line?

Continue to Report 13 making corrections as you go using the proofreaders marks guideline from page 155. Save your report at report 13 and email me with the subject showing the same.

Report 14 - Choosing The Right College - A two-page report with paragraph headings. Follow the guidelines for a multi-page report and complete Report 14. Email to me with the subject line correct!

Any spare on your Black History month presentations. How to make a good presentation: Tip's How to make a good Presentation

January 22nd, 2008 - Assignment

Keyboaring with Computer Applications. Page 146, Report 4
Using the document you have saved in Google documents, Follow the instructions using copy and paste. Email your finished Report to me.
Turn to page 149 and read sections G and H. Once finished continue to Report 5 and Report 6. All should be completed prior to the end of class and emailed to me seperately with the Report # as the subject. You will be graded on your ability to follow instructions and meet deadlines!

February 18th, 2008 - Assignment
Keyboarding with Computer Applications. Page 145, Report 3
Make corrections to the proofreaders marks as you type this document in Google documents. Save your work and email to Mrs. Knight

Once you have finished, go to Google Presentations and begin your Black History Month project.

February 17th, 2008 - Assignment
Finish your resume and email a copy to Mrs. Knight. We will look at each one, clean it up and it will be given back to you to make changes. Once we have a copy we both like, I will give you resume paper to print your final copy.

February 15 th, 2008 - Assignement
Resume's and Cover Letters

Using the information provided begin your resume by finding the template that best fits you. Keep it simple, accurate, and use the tips obtained in the Blue Sky program this morning. For those of you who did not attend due to your age, we will share what we learned in class and provide you with copies of the handouts from Blue Cross Blue Shield.

January 10th, 2008 - Assignment

Pop Quiz - Special Symbols. You have 10 minutes to prepare and have a pen ready to test.

Glencoe Keyboarding - Word Processing (Pg. 136)
Learn the vocabulary words on page 137 by writing and defining the words on a sheet of paper. Turn it in before you leave
Warm of your fingers by performing the exercises on page 138 - A and B following the instructions
You will use these often in college so you need to know the proper format. Review C. on page 139
Page 140 - Type the report in MLA format. Follow the instructions. Attach and email to me Subject: MLA #1
Page 141-142 - Type the report in MLA format. Follow the instructions. Attach and email to me Subject: MLA #2

January 8th, 2008 - Assignment

As a college student and employee you will be an important part of the team if you can obtain information to make your work life and your employers run more smoothly. This link provides you with resources you can use as a student and employee. Microsoft

Once you have reviewed the site and the links pick 5 that you feel could help you be a better student and employee. On the discussion question entitled Microsoft tools, list the 5 and tell me in detail how they could help you be more productive.

Once you have complete the Microsoft overview and discussion, get your green Keyboaring book. Turn to page 125 - Oreintation to Word Processing. We will learn about special symbols today. Review section B. When you are finished you should be able to take a Pop Quiz on:
  • Roman numerals
  • Feet and inches
  • Minutes and seconds
  • Multiply
  • Subtract
  • Ellipsis
Page 127 - Internet Connetion (read the insert) Onelook
Search for other great on-line research/dictionary sites. List 3 for me on a sheet of paper and turn in prior to the end of class.

Page 128 - Internet Connection (read the insert) Visit Protocol Worldwide and research protocals for meetings in Russia. Using this site, answer the questions I have for you in the discussion question "What is protocal?" Also research 10 other countries and answer the same questions for each on discussion.

CONFUSING WORDS - Some words sound the same but mean different things. In business, you need to be careful to use the right words so that your meaning comes across successfully. Research confusing words and in the discussion questions, list 2 words that are confusing to you and explain their meaning. How should each word be used.

January 4th, 2008 - Assignment
Warm up your typing skills in Micro Type Pro (15 minutes)

Microsoft has provided students and teachers with the competencies need to suceed in the 21st century. Today, I want you to reveiw the compentencies for Building Effective teams. Go through each compentency and notice the levels. What level are you?
Building Teams
Once you have reveiwed each of the sections, obtain your handout "Interview Worksheet for Building Effective Teams Competency" Complete this handout in your own words using your own experiences.

Using the following website, complete the next two pages of your Computers worksheets. Computers: Inside & Out
Next, you will complete the next two pages entitled "Hardware on the Inside" What am I? and "Hardware on the Inside Labeling Worksheet."

Can you manage the monetary system in our country and keep everything going? Play Chairman of the Board

These students are a part of the Business and Marketing Academy. They have completed 50% or more of their money skills and we are practicing our typing skills. A majority of the remaining 9 weeks will be spent working on Learning Microsoft Office. Students are reviewing vocabulary, refreshing their memory on the toolbars, menus, commands, and shortcut menus. We are also producting documents.

Assignment - November 27th, 2007

You'll need your book and a Learning Microsoft CD.

In your book, turn to Exercise 12 - You will preview a file, Print a File without Opening, Print Multiple Files, and learn how to find files.

Follow the instructions for the exercise on page 58. Open the file 12Open on your disk by first clicking on My Computer, then CD-RW drive, DDC Data, then Word. In the Word File, look for the file 12Open. Click on 12Open and you will use this document to make the changes indicated in the Exercise and pictured on page 59.

Once you have made all changes, save the document to your computer as Excercise 12-Your name. Attach it to an email to my email address above. The subject line should show: Exercise 12-Your name.

Exercise 13 - Summary
In this exercise you will use all the skills you have learned in the previous exercises.

Follow the instructions on page 60. Type Part I to look like Part II and save.

Once you have finished with all Exercises, bring up each and minimize at the bottom of your screen. I will come around and take a look at your work for a grade. All assignments must be completed by the end of class.

Once finished - Go to Micro Type Pro and practice your typing skills

Assignment - November 8th, 2007

Money Skills, Money Skills, Money Skills!!!
If you have finished all of your Money Skills, sign onto your Wikispace and create your own space. Go into Manage Space and you can change the way your page looks. Create your first page and I will give you extra points!

Assignment - November 6th, 2007

Go to this website and choose 2 articles of interest to you. In your own words, write me a summary of each article using Microsoft Word. Be sure to title the article and put your name as the author. A minimum of 50 words per summary. E-mail both to me in 1 email. When you go to attach your article you have several "browse" options. This is where you will attach the in each browse option. Again, I should have two summary's attached to 1 email. I think you will find some of these article very interesting! As young adults demographic trends will efffect your adult life! READ AND THINK ABOUT HOW THESE THINGS RELATE TO YOU AND YOUR FUTURE!!

Assignment - November 2nd, 2007

Exercise 9 - Students will learn to Delete Text, Select Text, and Show/Hide Codes. Follow the instructions on page 48. In step 4, Create the exercise as shown by typing it yourself. Once you have finished this exercise, go to MONEY SKILLS and continue with your modules. Your progress report will show your grades through module 30 - Your Credit Rating. All spare time needs to be spent on Money Skills!

Assignment - November 1st, 2007

  1. Exercise 5 - You will create a Personal Business Letter. When following the exercise directions, when you get to step 12, you need to save the letter as Personal. Attach it to an email to me at
  2. Exercise 6 - Summary- Follow the exercise directions on page 39. Save the file; name it OPEN. Send it to me as an attachment.
  3. Exercise 7 - You will learn to open a revised document, open a recently saved document, open a document not recently saved, open a document outside the Word program, Insert text, use Overtype mode and save changes to a document. Follow the exercise directions on page 42. You do not have a file to open named TRY Or 07TRY. You will need to type the information on page 42 making corrections as you go. You will find proofreaders mark symbols. For assistance with what these marks mean, review page 41.

  • Assignment - October 30th, 2007**
  1. In Microsoft Office basics, read pages 1 through 36. Complete excerises 1 through 4 and save to your storage device.
  2. Print one copy of Exercise 4 and turn into Mrs. Knight. You will need to bring your portfolio to the next class so we can begin inserting your documents.