Mrs. Knight's Business and Personal Finance Class - A & B day

email address for all work:

A-day Wednesday, May 14th, 2008
B-day Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

I am at the AIDT (Across From Honda) training center talking about how wonderful you all are today. Please make sure I feel the same way when I come in on Wednesday!

Seniors - I will sign your exemption forms on Wednesday or Thursday.

I didn't get any videos? See below. Congratualtions to Lendarius on winning the $20.00. He earned $26,000.00 over 3 months with his investments.


Many of you have not answered all of the discussion questions. They are dated so you can't go back and act like you did. What you can do it go and answer them today and receive partial credit! Do I have your PowerPoint in my email?

QUIZLET -Define Chapter 10 terms. Save them and show me when we meet again on Thursday. 100 points and must be completed today!

B-day Thursday, May 8th, 2008
B-day Friday, May 9th, 2008

I will give away $20.00 dollars in cash at Awards day tomorrow to the student ranked #1 in the stock market game. Go take a look at your stocks, go take a look at the person who is now winning, see if you can sneak to the top by 1:00 tomorrow and take the cash!

Do an Internet Search. I want to find a good video of the way the stock market looks "live" during trading to share with future classes. Look on page 296 in your book at the example of what happens on the trading floor. Let me know what you find in an email!

Chapter 10 - Page 314, 319, 316,335, 347,
On a piece of paper to be turned in by the end of class, answer questions 1 - 6 on each of the above listed pages using your book.

A-day Monday, May 5th, 2008
B-day Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

FYI - I only have Power Points in my email from Troy Garrett, Monti Taylor, Ashley Lindsey, and Phillip Kennedy.

Using your books and looking at Chapter 9 complete the following discussion questions by clicking on the discussion icon above:

What type of investor....
Why Corporations Issue Common Stock?
Why buy Penny Stock?
What factors should you consider...
If you had $5,000 to invest ....
Why would some investors be attracted to ...

The last 20 minutes of class I want you to feed the hungry while practicing your vocabulary. Click here and sign in. Free Rice

B-day Thursday, May 1st, 2008
A-day Friday, May 2nd, 2008

I have not received a test from anyone in this class (see the assignment below). I also do not have any terms on paper so they must all be on-line. If you have not completed them you will now receive a zero.

PowerPoint - Prepare a PowerPoint on Chapter 10 - Bonds and Mutual funds. Prepare your PowerPoint in a manner that If you were going to have to go to the 5th & 6th grade classes and do a presentation they could understand the difference between the two. Explain how they work, reasons to choose one or the other, and make it fun and entertaining. Use animated clip art, sound, slide transition, and anything else you think will make it fun. Remember the computer will erase all of your work overnight. Be sure to save your work or do your work in Google documents. Email your finished PowerPoint to my email address at the top of the page. The best project may be presenting to our elementary students!

B-day Tuesday, April 29th, 2008
A-day Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

Finish any work you did not complete the last time we met. I know the server was down and when I checked Quizlet you all had not finished your work. If the computer is still down today and you have not completed your chapter terms. Do it the old fashioned way....on paper and turn it in. Today will be your last day for terms either on-line or on paper!

Make a test - Using the terms from Chapter 9 make a multiple choice test on paper. Use all vocabulary words and give a choice of 4 answers. It must be hand written, legible, numbered, and have atleast 36 multiple choice questions. (That's how many vocabulary words you have) Include 4 discussion questions for a total of 40 questions. Remember not to make it too easy or too hard. You may be taking your own test or someone elses!

B-day Thursday, April 17th, 2008
A-day Monday, April 21st, 2008

Read Chapter 9 - Stocks and understand the basic concepts.
Define the terms in Quizlet and be sure to save your terms. Using the information you obtained, post an educated question that came to you from your readings to discussion. Have 2 of your fellow students answer your discussion question.

Check your stocks when finished. Look ahead and think about tomorrows assignment.

B-day Friday, April 18th, 2008
A-day Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Using the basic terms from the chapter and looking and understanding what you have read about stocks, prepare a PowerPoint. Your PowerPoint topic is on the Basic understanding of Stocks and the Stock market. It should be atleast 7 slides and no more than 12. Insert pictures, clip art, and speak in terms that a middle school student might understand what stocks are, their benefits, things to be careful of, and tips you've learned from investing on Investopedia.

We will view the Power Points on on Thursday, April 24th ! Be sure to save your PowerPoint because my computers will wipes out all memory over night.

B-day Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Finish PowerPoint
Go to Investopedia - check your stocks
Go to the WWW and find 3 new stocks you haven't invested in. Go to discussion in this wikispace and post a discussion about the 3 new stocks you found. Tell me how you found them, what they've been doing, who's the company, and why do you think they are a good buy? I should have a post from all of you in discussion dated April 22nd!! Only way to make-up is by being absent and having a doctors excuse.

All students in the Business and Marketing Academy are required to play INVESTOPEDIA. The stock market challenge game. You will be given a grade. You must sign in daily and check your stocks, buy, sell, and trade as you see fit. The students who increases their portfolio the most by May 9th will win an award. You need to go and review vocabulary. I will have assignments the remainder of the week that will help you do this. Click on the link below and sign into the WHS Business and Marketing game.

A-day Monday, March 10th, 2008 (Review for Exam first !)
B-day Tuesday, March 11th, 2008 (Review for Exam first !)

Before you begin investing, go to beginners 101 and go through the tutorial. There are a lot of terms you will need to learn and familiarze yourself with. Start here:

Using information you obtain from this and other websites, complete the handouts:
Factors effecting stock prices
Evaluating stocks (front and back)

A- day Wednesday, March 12th - (Review for Exam)

Using the information you obtained Monday from the website above, complete the handouts:
Factors effecting stock prices
Evaluating stocks (front and back)

Once you have completed the handouts, start investing by clicking on the link below

B- day Thursday, March 13th - (Exam first !)

Complete handouts: Dollar-Cost Averaging
Your Financial Portfolio Worksheet

Once you have finished you handouts - Start Investing!

You can join in the action by registering at:
You can begin investing on Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

Instructions for looking up stock and purchasing:
Click on Symbol Look-up
Type the name of the company you are interested in owning stock in
When you find the company click on Trade
Enter # of shares of stock you want to buy in quantity
Preview Your Order
Make changes or Buy

A-day Friday, March 14th (4th Period EXAM first!)

Complete handouts: Dollar-Cost Averaging and Your Financial Portfolio Worksheet

After you have turned your handouts in ......continue investing!

A-day Monday, March 3rd- Assignment
B-day Tuesday, March 4th - Assignment

15 minutes of
30 minutes of Review for 9-week exams (Chapters 5-7 Review your terms on Quizlet)
20 minutes review all discussion questions to make sure you understand them (On EXAM) and have answered all.

Do you want to know if there are any convicted felons, rapist, sexual offenders living close to you? Look on the menu to the left and click on Familywatchdog. You can type in your address and it will pinpoint anyone living around you that you need to be aware of.

A-day February 27th - Assignment
B-day February 28th - Assignment

What is a Million Dollar Vocabulary?

People in business are frequently judged by how effectively they communicate. The manner in which a person speaks leaves an impression – either true or false – about that person’s intelligence, background, education, and job status. An individual with a comprehensive vocabulary will make a much more powerful first impression than one who lacks in this area, no matter how intelligent or well-educated that person may be. By using words with power, persuasion, and impact, or a million dollar vocabulary, a person can increase his or her communication and boost earning power.
Good communication skills are essential in today’s competitive job market. A prospective candidate may have all the necessary qualifications, but lose out on the job to an individual who is better able to verbally express his or her ideas. But the concept of a million dollar vocabulary takes this a step further and focuses on the selection of specific words that have been shown to contribute to an impression of power and success. Words considered part of a million dollar vocabulary are not necessarily obscure or complex; rather they are words that may be less frequently used and because they are less common, convey a sense of power and confidence.
The best way to illustrate the power of the million dollar vocabulary is to cite illustrations of power words. For example, using the word “gumption” to describe a person’s initiative or courage is far more effective than “nerve” or “guts.” “Augment” is much stronger than “add to” or “increase.” Using “ascertain” rather than “find out” conveys more self-assurance. “Exemplar” or “paradigm” are much stronger words than “example” or “standard.”

You've learned many words both through your Business and Personal Finance Coursework and Money Skill. Some of these words you may not be able to recite off hand but they are in your memory bank. The best way to keep these words fresh in your mind is to use them as often as possible. You also need to review them as often as possible. Statistics show that your vocabulary can determine your salary. Don't you want to make as much money as you can for your time and effort? Sure you do. I have a site that helps you practice your vocabulary and helps Charity at the same time. Go sign up and begin reviewing your vocabulary. I want you to visit this site each class period for atleast 15 minutes. There are levels you will advance to. I will be giving an AWARD for the student at the highest level in this class come awards day.

Get Started Increasing Your Earning Potential!
Freerice vocabulary and community service Give me 45 minutes today!

Pull up your Quizlet vocabulary terms and minimize them. I will ask you to show them to me as I walk around. You will have an Exam on Chapter 7 the next class period - Study for the EXAM using Quizlet.


GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY! Click here an play the Fed's Baseball game Peanuts & Cracker Jacks Play Ball

IMPORTANT Go to File and Print. Choose the HP Officejet Pro l7500 series printer. Then exit out. Now go back to your Ball game and when your finished and while your score is on the screen, press Ctrl P so that it will print screen. Turn this in to the subsitute so that I can see how you did on the game. This is part of your grade for the day.

9-Week Exams will be March 10th, 11th, and 12th. Your Exam will cover Chapters 5-7.

A-day Monday, February 18th – Assignment
B-day Tuesday, February 19th - Assignment

Chapter 7 - The Finances of Housing

Read chapter 7.
Take the “What’s Your Financial ID?” quiz.
On a piece of paper and ensuring your name and today’s date is in the top right hand corner, answer the following questions:

Check Your Understanding – Answer questions 1-3 (pg. 202)
Think Critically – Answer question 4 (pg. 202)
Check Your Understanding – Answer questions 1-3 (pg. 209)
Think Critically – Answer question 4 (pg. 209)
Turn in all your answers by the end of class.

Go to and find the classifieds. Look for a place to rent. Answer the discussion question “Meet the Press”

Read the case study on page 215. Answer questions 1-3 under Critical Thinking Questions. Put these questions on the same page with your other questions but label them Case Study.

Feel like playing a game? Look at the 2 links below. Currency Trivia and Barter Island. Go Play!

A-day Wednesday, February 20th – Assignment
B-day Thursday, February 21st – Assignment

Using Quizlet, define the chapter 7 terms. There are 17. Once you have entered the terms, Familiarize, Learn, play Scatter, and take a test on your terms. Remember that I can see the date that you created your terms. Save them and I will look at them when I return.
Handout – Understanding Key Concepts
Handout - Examine a Rental Lease (I have one of my leases for you to look at to answer these questions.)
Handout – Comparing Housing Options

A-day Friday, February 22nd – Assignment
B-day Tuesday, February 26th – Assignment

International Finance
Eqypt Read the section on page 221. Answer the discussion question “ the Aswan Dam”. Explain how damming the Nile River hurt Eqypt.

Your Financial Portfolio - Renting Versus Buying Your Place of Residence.
Read page 227. Use the below average rental prices to answer the question under Compare which is also your handout. Plug the below numbers in for your calculations.

Avg. two-bedroom apartment - $550.00 a month
Avg. selling price of two-bedroom house - $73,000.00

Self-Assessment Quiz – Complete and turn in by the end of class.

B-day, February 15th - Assignment

How much do you know about money? Play Currency Trivia

Do you know what bartering means? I do it all the time!!! It's when you trade things instead of use money. You don't have to pay taxes when you trade can save you alot of money. Your are now stranded on Barter Island. Can you survive the Island?

A-day, February 11th - Assignment
B-day, February 12th - Assignment

On a piece of paper answer the questions on page 163. 1-6
Present your point of view (#5) in the discussion question "My Point of View on Credit"
Credit advice (#6) can be answered in the discussion questions " My advice to Garrett"

A-day, February 6th - Assignment
B-day, February 5th - Assignment

You're the President and CEO of your company. You have been offered a chance to break into a new Market in either Brenkenridge, Colorodo or Napa Valley, Califorinia.
You need to go and visit both areas to see which one you feel will best suit your companies needs. This project is not about what your company does but more about your ability to make your own travel arrangements. You are going to book your flight to and from both regions and book your hotel for a 1 night stay at each. You will need to visit both places before you return to your corporate office in Birmingham, AL. We have a budget set aside for you of $1,600.00 which will cover your airfare, hotel, taxi, and food. Go shop on-line and be able to answer the questions on the discussion question "Traveling to conduct Market Research."

A-day, February 4th - Assignment
B-day, February 1st - Assignment

Go and read about the deal Microsoft is trying to score a 44.6 billion dollar deal with Yahoo! Microsoft and Yahoo Deal in the works
Answer the discussion question: "Microsoft and Yahoo"

SUPER BOWL SUNDAY - What is the average cost per minute for a commercial during the super bowl?
Go surft the web and look for Super Bowl Sunday commercial's to see if you can find the answer.
Go to the discussion question "Super Bowl Sunday" and answer the question.

A-day, January 30th - Assignment
B-day, January 31st - Assignment

Chapter 6 - Read the chapter on Consumer Credit

Define the vocabulary on Quizlet and let me see your words as soon as your finished for a grade. You have the choice to hand write you terms and definitions and turn them in by the end of class.

On-line search. Find the credit card with the lowest interest rate. Go to the discussion questions "Credit Cards" and using the information you found, answer the discussion.

THE DEBT PAYMENTS-TO-INCOME RATIO - Learn it and understand it. (pg. 165)
HOMEWORK: Get your family's budget using the information on page 165. Get the total income for your household. Plug the figures into the Debt Payments-to-income ratio. How does your family come out? Are they above 20%? Answer the discussion question "Debt Ratio". This can be done by the next class period because you will not have the information today. GO do your HOMEWORK!

Reading a credit card statement Click on this link and learn the parts of a credit card statement. Be prepared to have a copy of a real statement handed to you for you to label the parts. When you click on the green terms on the right side, a pop-up window will explain each section. Study!

Reading your credit report Click on this link to learn how to read a credit report. You can request a free credit report and for those of you who have never done may want to take a look. Click on the terms in green on the right side and a pop up window will explain each section. Keep in mind that banks look at how often your credit report is checked. Every once in a while is o.k. but frequent check make your credit rating go down. Banks can also see who's checking your credit. If it's a rent-to-own place or a bank with a high credit risk....this would look bad on you! Let me know if you check your credit!

A-day, January 25th - Assignment
B-day, January 24th - Assignment

Using the knowledge gained from reading Chapter 5, complete the handouts "Saving for College" and "Bank Reconciliation." Use your book if needed. Be sure to know the formula for RATE OF RETURN!
Now let's surf the web! As you learned in Money Skills, CD's are Certificates of Deposit. Go and search banks or just use the keyword certificate of deposit and find atleast 4 different CD's. With this new found information, Complete the handout "Finance Online: Researching CDs." Turn all of your handouts in prior to exiting class. Thank you in advance for setting a good example for Mrs. McGhee while I am gone!

A-day, January 23rd - Assignment
B-day, January 22nd - Assignment

In your Business and Personal Finance books, turn to page 123. Complete the What's Your Financial ID Quiz.
Read "Career in Finance" on page 124. Would you like to be a bank teller?

ATM etiquette - Go to the discussion question.
Check your Understanding! On page 132, Read and answer questions 1-6 under Assessment on a piece of paper. Be sure to put your name, today's date, page number and Check Your Understanding as your heading. Write where I can easly read. Turn this end prior to the end of class.

On page 136 - Read the case study. Answer the critical Thinking questions numbered 1-3 on a seperate piece of paper. Be sure to label your paper showing the page #, Case Study, Your name, and today's date as your header. Turn this in prior to the end of class!

A-day, January 16th - Assignment
B-day, January 17th - Assignment

Click on the Presidential Election link on the menu bar. Review each candidate and take a look at their campaing.
Visit this 2008 presidential election link Trivia
Answer the discussion question: Can I run for president?

Read Chapter 5 - BANKING

  • Define the definitions on a seperate piece of paper and turn into Mrs. Knight.
  • Cyber search or surf the web. Search for information about avoiding fraud and maintaining privacy when banking. Specifically, find answers to the following questions and post as a discussion question:
What are your rights regarding financial privacy?
What can you do to keep from becoming a victim of fraud?
What can you do if your the victim of fraud?

January 14th & 15th - Continue working on your MLK jr. projects. Email them to me when you have finished!
B-day January 15th. Before starting your project - review for your test by going to the link below. I will give everyone about 20 minutes at the beginning of class to study and then we will all take the test. It is not hard and there is a word bank. After your test you can work on your project.

A-day January 11th - Assignment
B-day January 10th - Assignment (Added MLK, Jr. project for the 15th & 16th)

Finish your discussion questions from the last class. They must post by today to receive a grade. Anyone posting after today without a doctors excuse for being absent will receive a zero.

Review for your chapter test and prepare for a test at the end of class. Use this time to study. Once you have Learned, Familiarized, and Tested. Let me know you are ready for the test. Students may take their test when they are ready in a designated area. You may only take the test once. No retakes.

STUDY HERE -> Ch. 4 Review

MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. PROJECTS - Due by the end of class on January 16th (A day) and 17th (B day).
You may make a Power Point, Movie Maker, Wikispaces, or some other Web 2.0 tool into a tribute to Martin Luther King. The Power Point must include 10 slides and the Wikispaces must include a main page and 5 links. Power Points with music or footage of one of his speaches will be given extra points!

TIP: Go to the Web 2.0 tolls page and scroll down until you see presentations. See if you can find a cool way to do this! Wow Me!

If you'll look on the menu bar on this page you will see a link for Student Projects. I will post your project here for all to see once you have finished.

A-day January 9th - Assignment
B-day January 8th - Assignment

Based upon your reading and research from Chapter 4, complete the handouts "Consumer Purchasing Strategies and Legal Protection" Reveiwing Key Terms and Understanding Key concepts.

Let's do some on-line shopping! Go to the store of where you can find the item of clothing you wished you had gotten form Christmas but did not get. Your shopping for clothes and I want you to look at the sale items first. Choose clothes that you can mix and match or wear over several seasons. Choose one item you wished you had gotten for Christmas, no two answers should be the same, and answer the discussion question; The Gift I'll get myself for Christmas.


Scavenger hunt for extra points for the first student to post in 4th & 5th period! All other students must post an answer for a grade!

Answer the following questions by posting your response on the corresponding discussion. These questions are Urban Legands. Is the question true or false, where did you obtain your information (provide link), and give us a brief description of what happened.

  • Someone once wrote a check on the side of a cow?
  • Customer moves his million-dollar account after his bank refuses to validate a 50 cent parking ticket.
  • A debotor can discharge his obligations by sending his creditor a check made out for a fraction of the amount owed with the words "Paid in full" written on it?
  • American Express issues a special black card that allows its holders to buy anthing?
  • After the implementation of "Check 21" on October 28th, 2004, consumers will no longer be able to "float" checks?
  • A bank issued a credit card to a tree?
  • Entering one's Pin in reverse at any ATM summons the police?

A-day January 7th - Assignment
B-day January 4th - Assignment

Consumer Purchasing Strategies and Legal Protection

Read Chapter 4 sections 4.1 and 4.2. Answer the following discussion questions:

Comparison Shopping
Economic Factors that influence buying
Social Factors that influence buying
Personal Factors that influence buying

Read more about Influence on Buying Decisions

Make decisions on our Monetary Policy - Could you rule the world? Play this and find the answer Chairman of the Board Game

A-day December 10th - Assignment
B-day December 11th - Assignment


You already have your study sheets, so start studying if you are not exempt!

We are approaching the end of the first term. You should have completed all portions of money skills and your grades will be reflected in your 9-week average. You must have completed all discussion questions. I have given you your attendance and your grades can be seen on STI. If you feel confident that your work is up-to-date, then proceed to the link below and play Financial Footbal!

Did you hear on the news that there is one team remaining in the Super 6? Your own the team. See how much financial knowledge you have gained over the last 18 weeks by testing your skills in Financial Football. Click on this link FINANCIAL FOOTBALL

If your not into Football but would rather dream about what you will do once your working days are over and your retire, then click here Count Down to Retirement

A-day November 28th - Assignment
B-day November 27th - Assignment

Using the information you gained from Chapter 3, click on discussion above and anwer the following discussion questions:

I've got a great job ...
Why is it important to keep your financial records organized?
Where to keep your financail documents?

Once you have answered the above discussion questions, click on the link below to prepare for your Chapter 3 Test. First I want you to PLAY SCATTER. You must get your completion time under 40 seconds!! All you do is drag the term over the definition. If everything disappears, you have gotten the term correct. Once you have completed the Scatter Game in under 40 seconds, then Learn, Familiarize, and the test.

Chapter 3 Quizlet Password: Bulldog

A-day November 26th - Assignment
B-day November 20th - Assignment

Read Chapter 3 - Money Management Strategy.
You will learn how to recognize the relationship between financial documents and money management strategies. You will alwo learn how to create a system to maintain your personal financial documents.
Handout -

A-day November 14th - Assignment
B-day November 13th - Assignment

Go to the website below. Click on Chapter 2 Test. Then click on Play Scatter. Repeat the Scatter game until you get your time below 1 minute. Once you have mastered this game, go and Familiarize and Learn the terms. When you feel like you have mastered the terms. Take the Test. Call me to your computer once you have completed your test so that I can enter your grade into STI. (password to play: bulldog)

Who is George Hotz? Conduct a Web Search and find out. Once you have good information, click on discussion above and answer the questions: "Who is George Hotz?" and "What does he have to do with Business and/or Personal Finance?"

For fun, you might want to click on the Entrepreneurship class and take a look at the two video's I have posted.

A-day - November 9th - Assignment
B-day - November 13th - Assignment


FedVille is a friendly town built for students. There's money to earn and something to learn around every corner! Open a savings account at the local bank and watch your money grow. Collect trivia cards as you learn your way around town. See a movie at the neighborhood theater about everyone's favorite topic: Money! Shop at the local stores with the money you earn. Click on the link below...

FedVille on line game

When you've mastered FedVille, try your hand at Marketing.

Can you really make it in the Business World? Go try this one.
Hot Shot Business - Are you cut out for Business?

A day - November 7th - Assignment
B day - November 8th - Assignment

Now that you have read, defined, and research the Financial Aspects of Career Planning, you should be fully prepared to answer some questions about your future. On page 55 of your Business and Personal Finance Book, I want you to answer questions 1 - 6 on page 55
in an email to me at Make sure the subject line has your name-Sec 2.2. Remember everything is dated so I will know if you worked in class and completed your work.

Read Chapter 2 - Money Management Strategy. You will recognize some of the terms we covered in MONEY SKILLS.
Once you have read Chapter 2 and are familiar with the terms, go to Money Skills.

All spare time should be spent on MONEY SKILLS. Your progress report will show your grades from the last report card through module 30 "Your Credit Rating" .

A day - November 5th - Assignment
B day - November 6th - Assignment

Remember I can see the dates that all work has been completed. You must complete your work on the assigned day's. You have created your own quiz in Quizlet to review the terms in Chapter 2. You have emailed a friend your quiz and they have taken it, while you have received a quiz from them and taken theirs. You should be familer with the Chapter terms. Now lets do some research on Chapter 2.

Turn to page 32 in your book. Take the Financial ID test. Once you have determined your personality, go to the discussion question, YOUR PERSONALITY, and tell me the jobs and career that you think fit best with your personality and why. Remember your Kuder results also helped determine where your interest ly. To refresh your memory, go to and look at your profile.

Demographic trends are ways in which groups of people change over time. The world around you is changing. You need to find out where you fit into the scheme of things and how you can control, where your headed. The more you know, the further ahead you can get.

Read this article on "Americans Live Longer, More Die From Elderly Diseases"
Once you have read the article, answer the discussion question "How will living longer effect my life?"

Read this article on "Prosperity Leads Blacks Into Suburbs"

Read this article on "The Looming Shortage of Caregivers for the Elderly"
Answer the discussion question "Healthcare Giver Shortage?"

Read this article on "Baby Boomers"
Answer the discussion question: "What is a Baby Boomer"

A day - October 31st, 2007 - Assignment
B day - November 2nd, 2007 - Assignment
Make sure you answered the discussion questions from October 29th and that you set up an account (use your current email user name and password) on Quizlet and took the 2 tests. I only show that 4 of you have taken the 1st test. Each assignment is worth 100 points and today is the last day to finish the October 29th assignments. You cannot copy the answers of your fellow students but you can use them to help with your answer.

Read Chapter 2
Define the terms by going to Quizlet and using your new account, create a new set and share it with everyone. Include all the terms from Chapter 2 and their definitions. Once you have finished the test, it will have a test number which will show in your internet address bar. Copy that link and email it to one of your fellow classmates. I want you to take one of their tests and for them to take yours.

Answer the discussion questions dated 10-31-2007
Chapter 2 will be covered in these questions and you may use your book!

A day - October 29th, 2007 - Assignment
B day - November 1st , 2007 Assignment

  1. Define key terms in section 1.2 (page 20) using paper and pen. Turn into Mrs. Knight
  2. Click on discussion above and answer each in your own words.
  3. Click on the link below and Familiarize, Learn, and then test on the terms! Your test grade will go into the gradebook so make sure you comprehend the terms prior to taking the test.

Chapter 2 - take the pre-chapter quiz. First Familiarize, and the learn.