COLLABORATION - A 21st Century Skill...using Google Documents

Communication and Collaboration - What is it?

  • Articulating thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively through speaking and writing
  • Demonstrating ability to work effectively with diverse teams
  • Exercising flexibility and willingness to be helpful in making necessary compromises to accomplish a common goal
  • Assuming shared responsibility for collaborative work

REAL-LIFE APPLICATION: I, along with many other professionals, are involved in projects on a regular basis with other team members from across the nation. For many projects it does not make sense to spend time and money to travel for meeting when we can easily collaborate on-line. On a regular basis I collaborate with other teachers using Skype, Elluminate, and Google Documents. I know most of you have witnessed me collaborating with other teachers in our building and across the county using Skype. We are currently working on a countywide book study using Google documents. Approximately 30 teachers in our county have read and are putting together an outline of the book using Google documents and then posting our outlines to Wikispaces to share and view. This is a skill that would make you an asset to your company due to it's ease of use and it's money saving features.

Google Documents Tour
Suggested Video for later - Google Doc's in Plain English - Teacher Tube

Today I am going to demonstrate how to collaborate on-line with others using Google Documents. Once I have completed the demonstration and answered all questions, I will assign each of you to a team. You will work collaborativley to complete your assignment with your other team members who will be sitting across the room from you. You can
only communicate using your computer so be creative.

Step-by-Step Instructions for future reference:

Identify your team members - Each team has a number.
Take 1 minutes to elect a team leader.

Create a Google account or sign-in (share your google email address with your team leader)
Your team leader will create a NEW document
Your team leader will click SHARE and invite you to join the group
Joint the group and log onto the document

Simultaneously you can all make changes to the document
Each of you have been given a different section of the same document
Together you will all create the whole document
Proofread and make corrections as needed
Your team leader will print the final copy and present for your team grade