Emergency Financial First Aid Kit

We live in a vulnerable world where it's likely that we - or someone we know - will be affected by an emergency event. Emergencies often come when we least expect it. What's more, many of us do not think to prepare our financial interests in advance. That's why the Winterboro FBLA and the Winterboro Business and Marketing Academy created the Emergency Financial First Aid Kit for our parents, faculty, staff, superintendant, and board members. We also decided to go one step further by creating a page on our wikispace where anyone can obtain the same information free of charge.

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Emergency Financal First Aid Kit
Some of the items you will find are:

  • Five Tips to Prepare for an Emergency
  • Household Information
  • In case of an emergency, are you ready?
  • Important Legal Documents Checklist
  • Helpful Hints: Important Legal Documents
  • Ledger of Your Important Legal Documents
  • Emergency Assistance Numbers
  • Emergency Numbers
  • School Contact Information
  • Financial Account Relationships
  • Credit/Debt Card Relationships
  • Investment Account Relationships
  • Insurance Policy Relationships
  • Financial Obligations
  • 10 Essential items you need for an Emergency

And we will include Important Things to Know About:

Disease Control
  • Natural Disasters
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Injuiry Prevention
  • Food & Water Safety
  • Coping with Disasters

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