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Winterboro Business and Marketing Academy students enjoyed hearing speaker Betsy Stark of Premier Image Consultants enlighten them on “How to Succeed in the International Arena.” As global markets continue to emerge students are being prepared for jobs that may not exist today. It is vital that we arm them with a wide array of skills to ease the transition from school to work. The workshop included hands on training in the internationally proper ways to exchange business cards, shake hands, and proper eye contact. The students were interested to learn that in the Middle East, long prolonged stairs into your eyes are normal. Their culture believes that a long stair will open the window to your soul. The United States is the only country that uses the terms gallons and inches. Other countries use liters and centimeters. There is also a difference in the way we write and say dates and times. These are just a few of the tip’s and techniques academy students were introduced to in their 96 minute workshop which took place in the new Career Academy room.

Speakers: Frontier Bank "National Payroll Week The Business and Marketing Academy (BAMA) is a four year program designed to equip students with the marketable skills needed to compete in the growing global economy while establishing a foundation for continued learning. Students enrolled in the academy will participate in internships, field trips, mock interviews, professional development and enjoy guest speakers. The Business and Marketing Education Department will work with other departments within Winterboro High School to provide the necessary curriculum for students in the Academy. Criteria for admittance to the academy are:

  • Successful completion of Computer Essentials
  • GPA of 2.50 or above
  • Good basic mathematics aptitude
  • Skilled use of the computer
  • Regular attendance in school

The following courses are required for successful completion of the Business and Marketing Academy Program

Business Technology Essentials - BTE is designed to help students master basic skills in the areas of word processing, database management, spreadsheet, presentation, Internet and E-mail. Students are offered opportunities to identify ethical issues pertaining to information systems and to gather information about careers in technology.

Integrated Computer Technology - Students' computer skills will be enhanced in the course. The learning activities consist of project based applications utilizing concepts learned in Business Technology Essentials. A major emphasis is placed on guiding students through real world experiences in order to ease the school to career transition.

Personal and Business Finance - Students will be provided with opportunities to develop skills for solving real world problems. This one credit course addresses personal financial planning, financial services, budgeting, investments, insurance protection, credit management, consumer purchases, and consumer rights and responsibilities.

Entreprenesurship - Students will be provided with an understanding of the Entrepreneurial spirit and the contributions they make to our economy. They will explore the key personal characteristics identified with successful entrepreneurs and become aware of their own business skills and abilities along with how to refine and develop them.

*NOTE: Students majoring in Business can earn college credit through Central Alabama Community College with successful completion of this course with a C average or above.


The Academy utilizes "The Company" concept whereby the classroom will simulate an office environment. The name of our company is BAMA (Business and Marketing Academy), Incorporated. Students are challenged to develop better work ethics, problem solving and interpersonal skills. The company employs a variety of instructional strategies that allow for students creativity, independent thinking, teamwork, accountability, and/or responsibility. Students rotate holding the office of Office Manager and Administrative Assistant of BAMA. This provides them with supervisory experience.

FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA - FBLA is a national organization for all students enrolled in a Business and Marketing Education courses in high school. Each chapter adopts projects and programs within the framework of the national organization. Some of the goals of their organization are to develop competent, aggressive business and civic leadership qualities. FBLA also encourages scholarship and school loyalty.

To meet the growing employment needs of Talladega County, several area businesses and post secondary institutions have developed a working relationship with the Business and Marketing Academy. These businesses assist in exploring the possibilities of work-based learning and developing curriculum.

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama's Blue Sky Program
  • City of Childersburg and Childersburg Historic Preservation Commission
  • Coosa Pines Federal Credit Union
  • First National Bank of Talladega
  • Talladega County Department of Human Resources
  • Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind
  • Talladega County Board of Education
  • Central Alabama Community College

Business and Marketing Advisory Council

Assists in keeping instruction aligned with employment needs. Those 2008-2009 members are:

Dr. Terry Roberson, Vice President - University of Montevallo

Mrs. Marilyn Lawson, Retired Administrative Assistant
Talladega Federal Prison

J. Chad Jones, Vice President - The First National Bank of Talladega

Ms. Margie Sanford, Talladega County Board of Education

Chip Moore, Human Resource Manager - First National Bank of Talladega

Mr. Daniel Wirth
, Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind
Coordinator, Recruitment and Employment

The Business & Marketing Academy visited the New World of Coca-Cola and the Federal Bank Reserve in Atlanta, GA in November. The students had a blast at the World of Coke trying the different flavors from all over the world and watching the 4D movie! At the Federal Bank Reserve, the Academy members learned about what the "FED" does and got to see a $1,000,000 bill! When they left, all of the students received shreded money!!! DON'T TRY TO PUT THEM BACK TOGETHER!!! The money is several different Bank Notes shredded together.

The new Business and Marketing Academy sign at the intersection of Hwy 76 and Hwy 21.

We received the $50,000 Academy Grant for the 2007-2008 year!!!


Blue Sky

The Blue Sky Program was developed to help High School Jr. and Sr's. The program provides education and tools for job search preparation. Educational workshops are presented for 8 areas:
  • Resume and Cover Letters
  • Communication Basics
  • Professional Dress
  • Job Applications and Interview Skills
  • Evaluating an Offer
  • Working with Others
  • Business Ethics
  • Business Etiquette
At the conclusion of the program, Business and Marketing Academy students will travel to the Blue Cross and Blue Shield corporate office in Birmingham for a luncheon along side students from various other high schools.**
The training is very interactive, thorough and fun. Through this training the students can enhance their marketability skills to help them get in the door, get the interview and get the job.

Dr. Magic visits WHS Business and Marketing Academy on September 27th, 2008 during Enrichment!!

With two degrees from Auburn University and near completion of his PHD, Dr. Magic
finds his magic in pleasing others!
Take a look!